Hot And Busted

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 10, 2012

There is a tumblr site, Hot and Busted . It is mug shots of young, white males, that appeal to the blog owner. They are gathered from the various places that post mug shots. Many of these gentlemen are in Florida, Texas and Alabama. As the blog owner (BO) says,
“I generally find them on mugshot aggregate and sheriff’s department websites. While the process can be tedious at times, I certainly enjoy it.”
The names of juveniles have always been left out of crime stories. Evidently, the rules for mug shot websites are different. Many of these people are clearly minors.
The BO has a few words about the concept of his tumblrama.
“Regarding my inspiration for the blog, getting arrested introduced me to the booking process and the entire experience of incarceration. I realized that mugshots weren’t just photographs — rather, they served as the quintessential visual symbol of one’s whole arrest and time behind bars. Furthermore, the mugshot provides an incredibly vivid portrait of one’s face and shoulders at their most vulnerable moment. The beauty of the human face and the cruelty of the criminal justice system collide in these curious images. Not to mention, of course, that “bad boys” possess a certain allure, and mugshots capture these alleged criminals at their most sinister.”
The images here are “head shots” i.e. pictures taken above the neck. As a practical matter, this is how mug shots are done. This comment dialog goes into this.
Anonymous asked: It makes me sad that “headshots” are taken literally. For some of these hot guys being arrested while shirtless, they should really be photographed from the waist up. BO Hahaha, although I understand your sentiment, there would be no practical purpose for photographing the entire upper body of an arrestee, unless they were covered with tattoos or other identifying marks. I would love to see that, though. Maybe nudes as well? 124-456 said: They really should take full body photos. We need to see all possible identifying marks or the absence thereof. For instance, exactly how much body hair, where, and what texture/color? Cut or uncut? Also, any info about body odor?
Most people who visit HAB notice quickly the skin color of the models. They are all white, and appear to speak english as their primary tongue. To the BO, it is a statement about white privilege.
“I have answered this question before, but I suppose I should clarify once more. Hot and Busted only profiles white men because I choose not to advance the pernicious stereotype of nonwhite criminality, specifically when it comes to African Americans. As a white person, I recognize that some whites tend to envision their “race” as superior to others; this seems most apparent when considering the fact of white privilege. To wit, white people are never asked to defend or “speak for” their race, whereas this notion of a “racial representative” frequently arises among African Americans or Latinos. By posting only mugshots of white men, I hope to dispel the myth that only racial and ethnic minorities get arrested. Of course, blacks and Latinos hold higher rates of incarceration per capita, and racial profiling by police certainly occurs. Nonetheless, it is critical to understand the enormous problems that beleaguer our justice system from the macro level first — i.e., recidivism, unjust drug laws, etc. — before addressing the disparate treatment of racial and ethnic minorities. On the whole, I wish white people would view themselves through the eyes of other historically stigmatized races and realize the perquisites of whiteness. “
This comment dialog goes a bit further.
Anonymous asked: oh please, dont tell me your tumblr is some kind of social tool that’s goal is to change white minds. the fact is you are only attracted to white guys. plain and simple. young ones at that. if your pseudo retarded social justice thesis were the case, itd be called ‘white and busted’. be real kid. be real, and people will respect it more. what you are doing is more detrimental to whatever lame ideas you have because its once again only showcasing whiteness, and attractive whites at that. be real. BO I appreciate your incoherent response, but the fact remains that you cannot know my personal tastes. Of course I am attracted to men of all phenotypes, but I don’t feel the need to prove that to a derelict like yourself. In no way do I force you to accept my “social justice thesis.” Nonetheless, the sole reason I do not post the mugshots of nonwhites on this blog is because I cannot stand the kinds of racial assumptions that would arise from it. Even within the white normative LGBT community, for instance, we see whites gravitating to African American and Latino men because they satisfy some “thuggish” impulse. I will not stand for this arcane and atavistic behavior. Furthermore, I will not stand for your deplorable syntax and poorly formulated ideas. In summation, go fuck yourself and then read a book.”
Many of the comments are supportive. They are not as much fun as these exchanges.
Anonymous asked: making young girls glorify criminals because they’re “hot”? this is just fucking fantastic… BO Are you a socially conservative Republican? Are you excited that Rick Santorum might emerge victorious in the Iowa Caucus? internetcoffeephone said: Girls? You must be new here. … Anonymous asked: the way you present yourself and word things doesn’t make you seem smarter, it makes you seem like a pretentious asshole. just saying. BO Maybe I am a pretentious asshole? Either way, go fuck yourself.
Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. These are Union soldiers from the War Between the States. It is unlikely that any of them were in trouble for possesion of controlled substances, or driving under the influence. While their crimes may have been minor, their punishment was much worse than anything the Hot and Busted bois will face.


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