Bongo “Sticks” Bong

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 26, 2012

Some well meaning facebooker put up a link, What’s Your Reggae Name? This is a simple test, using your initials to cop a reggaename. The first one to come up here is Bongo “Sticks” Bong. It then occurred to PG that his blog identity needs a last name. PG Zorlock has the reggaename Don “Ras Clot” Fyah .

This seemed like a good excuse for a post, but needs more than one paragraph. Rap Star Name will give you handles for pop, rock, and rap. PG goes by Will O’Day, Zane Reid, and Zee P. The country button is broken.

This might not be a very long post. Looking for a republican or communist name is not productive. There was something for a fantasy name, but it was too complicated to use. If PG were a heavy metal band , he could choose from Medieval Cannibal, Infected Mantra, Pestilential Attack, or Corroded Casket. (The heavy metal generator is sponsored by Liberty University, Training champions for christ.) Pictures today are from The Library of Congress .

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