Ethical Intuitive Introvert

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 29, 2012

It was another Sunday morning shaking out the cobwebs for PG. He read a featurette about a “frickin’ weirdo” actor . In the fine print was a link to The Extended Socionics Test (Beta). Personality tests are always good for a few hundred words to put between the pictures. Pictures today are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

The test is 75 questions, in three groups. Group one is 28 questions. They are pairs of statements, with one statement being the opposite of the other. An example is
“You view the cup as half full” … “You view the cup as half empty”. Your answer is a sliding lever between the two statements. You can go strongly for one or another, go mildly for one or another, or be stuck in the middle.
The first group of questions has a lot of bad choices. PG is getting bored with this exercise. If he had finished his coffee earlier, he might not have taken on this chore.

The second group of questions has a question in the middle, with a choice of two statements. An example is
“What best describes your life philosophy?… Work hard and play hard; if you’re not with us, you’re against us…. Engage in small group activities and serious discussions. Let a multitude of ideas flourish and help realize those that show promise.”
PG did not copy a sample question, from group two, before moving on to group three. To get back to group two, he had to start the test over. In this second taking of the test, he is going to be a female, born in 1984. The answers to the test will be random.

The third part of the test is 38 pairs of photographs. You choose which one of the two you prefer to spend time with. It is always two women, or two men, and nobody seems to be over thirty.

PG is INFj, The Empath, , and Ethical Intuitive Introvert . This is also known as EII (INFj) . The brief description goes like this:

“Using introverted feeling as her base function and extroverted intuition as her creative, the EII is adept at understanding people’s internal drive and motivation. She often acts reserved, respectful, and polite around others she does not know well but will eventually open up more. She implicitly trusts her intuition when judging someone, and this intuition serves her well at grasping more abstract concepts. EIIs need to constantly set new goals for themselves and they care deeply about meeting these goals. However it should be noted that these goals are very personal, and she places less weight on the conventional achievements that society values, so often any correlation is largely coincidental. At her best, the EII is known for respecting other people’s beliefs and values while also being an overachiever at school and work; at her worst, the EII’s compassion and empathy can cause her undue harm when the people she cares about are suffering. Overall, the EII cares about diligence, meeting one’s individuals goals, and respecting others; she distates behavior that is overtly loud, abrasive, or aggressive.”

The female, who was born in 1984 and gives random answers, is a EIE-2Fe . This is also known as ENFj, The Actor, and Ethical Intuitive Extrovert. Several of the photographs in part three were repeated from the first test.

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