Buckhead Wig Tragedy

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 30, 2012

PG decided to participate in a video shoot. He arrived at a house, wearing old clothes, intending to paint sets for a party. The auteur needed bodies for the film, and PG, for some reason, decided to join in. A wig tragedy was found to go on PG’s white hair, and a sequin vest was available. After the crew was costumed, the vehicles set out for Buckhead.

The first choice for parking was charging, so an empty garage by the disco Kroger was used. The plans were loose. Just run toward the camera, waving your hands and screaming. It got the attention of a security guard, who said that they don’t allow picture taking on the premises. It was the same story on the other side of the building, which apparently is in the same complex. A decision was made to go to Peachtree Road, where the sidewalks are public property.

The camera was set up, and the sunday drivers got an eyefull. The actors went across the street for a shot. PG remembered, after the shot had started, that he preferred to be photographed without his glasses. He took them off, and carried them in his hand for the rest of the shot. PG discovered that running down a sidewalk on Peachtree Road, wearing a sequin vest, air conditioned pants, and a wig tragedy, was a lot of fun.

A couple of shots later, and the team was doing close ups on a sidewalk. A third security guard, who was much nicer than the first two, came by to tell them to quit making movies on private property. Before long, the movie making was done for the day.

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