66.6 Minutes Of Air Time Left

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 11, 2012

The weekend got off to a bad start. PG though a step down was 18″, and turned out to be 27″. When he landed on his right foot, his knee twisted into an uncomfortable position. He spent most of Thursday reading and going to bed early.

There was a pair of crutches, left over from a knee episode in 1988. They had been a tough item to store, and had been in the way several times. NEVER throw a pair of crutches awy.

You take walking freely for granted. You forget what it is like to plot every step, and figure out how to get by. You learn that plastic bags fit over crutch handles, and can carry things. Later, you learn that some tupperware containers do not seal all that well. Plastic bags are disposable.

Some friends were having a party friday night. PG had helped with the preparations, and was going to throw a costume together, and have a good time. Instead, PG saw Free Jack, a 1992 movie starring Mick Jagger. Some scenes of this were filmed downtown, and PG was working in the Healey Building at the time. Free is supposed to be set in dystopic New York of 2009. It had nuns, and high tech shoot em up…in other words, a good substitute for the party.

Saturday, the knee was feeling better. PG decided to go see Dr. Xu. (The Doraville office had been closed Friday). PG explained what had happened, and the Doctor led him into a 7″x9″ treatment room. PG lay down on a table, and needles were stuck in his leg. A heat lamp was turned on, and two of the needles connected to a little white box. Soon, PG could feel a current going through his knee. The Doctor left, to go attend to other things.

The cell phone went off. PG did not know if it was safe to talk on a portable phone, while having electricity pumped into his leg. The Doctor came in, and told him it was ok. When the message from the call center was over, PG had 66.6 minutes of air time left.

PG stayed in the treatment room for what seemed like a long time. Finally, the Doctor came in, and pulled the needles out. He put a plaster on the knee, said to apply heat to it, and come in tomorrow.

At some time or another, PG bought a heating pad. The trouble was finding where he had put it. His brother, GP, found one on top of a box of Christmas decorations.

PG hadn’t written anything for a day or so, but was feeling lazy. The first movie he picked skipped around the screen. The second movie was All About Eve. Margo smoked and smoked, but never flicked an ash. When PG was finished, he cranked up the computer, and found out that Whitney Houston had died.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.


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