Ayatollah Rick

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 29, 2012

Foreign Policy dot com has a festive feature, Grand Ayatollah or Grand Old Party?. There are a series of quotes, which requires the viewer to open a different page each time. Page view statistics are so unkind to readers. The reader can choose between two “conservative” leaders for the source of the quote. The two “religious conservatives” are Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and Rick Santorum . (Spell check suggestions: Tutankhamen, Sanatorium)

The feature is in English, which is the language favored by Mr. Santorum. Mr. Khamenei speaks Farsi, which is a very different tongue. There have been controversial translations before. When the person doing the translating wants to make trouble, it can cause misunderstanding. This feature will probably not lead to war, unless it helps Mr. Santorum get elected. Here are the quotes. If you want to keep score, the answers will be in the last paragraph.

1. “We were put on this Earth as creatures of God to have dominion over the Earth.”
2. “We believe in democracy and we also believe in freedom,
but we do not believe in liberal democracy.”
3. “Although the literal meaning of socialism is equitable distribution of wealth, it is associated with other concepts which we hate. Over time, socialism has come to be associated with certain things in society that are unacceptable to us.”
4. “The radical feminists succeeded in undermining the traditional family and convincing women that professional accomplishments are the key to happiness.”
5. “This is not a political war at all. This is not a cultural war. This is a spiritual war.”
6. “This is a war between two willpowers:
the willpower of the people and the willpower of their enemies.”
7. “Go back and read what the sirens did once you arrived on that island.…
They devour you. They destroy you. They consume you.”
8. “The American people’s hatred for Iran is profound.” Oh wait, we got that one backward. Sorry. It should read: “The Iranian people’s hatred for America is profound.”

Not much is known about the Supreme Leader. (Diana Ross was the Supremes leader.) He has a charismatic underling, Mr. Ahmadinejad. It is unlikely that anyone calls the Supreme Leader “frothy mix”, although he is possibly familiar with the concept. Both speakers in this exercise would tell you they are conservative, and probably mean two different things by this phrase. They worship the same G-d, who is probably embarrassed by both.

HT to Sarah Posner . Pictures are from The Library of Congress.
The Answers: 1-Rick  2-Ali  3-Ali  4-Rick  5-Rick  6-Ali  7-Rick  8-Ali

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