The Bubba Bubble

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 21, 2012

PG saw a link to Do You Live in a Bubble? A Quiz. The “bubble” of the title refers to the concept that “the super wealthy, super educated and super snobby live in so-called super-ZIPs: cloistered together, with little to no exposure to American culture at large.” PG decided that taking the test would be a good excuse for some text to go between the pictures. (The pictures are from The Library of Congress ).

When he typed the date, PG noticed a symmetry of the digits 032112. If he could describe this mathematically, he would be in the top .01%. The fact that he noticed it separates him from 98% percent of the population. This does not include the .7% who became tired of date trivia after y2k. The zip code 32112 is located in Crescent City, FL.

The test is 25 questions. Most are answered yes or no. Others have a list of things you may have done, like see movies or eat at chain restaurants. One showed the symbols for different military ranks, and asked if you knew what they meant.

PG didn’t know what to expect. He seldom watches tv, does not go to church, and tends to stick to a few friends. PG had a blue collar job for 25 years.

The final score, for PG, was 31. The lower the score, the more of a “bubble” you live in. If the test had asked “Will you write a blog post about taking this test”, a yes answer would have lowered your score.

A possible problem with this test is the phrase “close friend” People define this term in different ways. There are other questions with some semantic pitfalls. Question 12 asks if you know who Jimmie Johnson is. (The alternative question is whether you have bought Avon products.) PG remembers a football coach named Jimmie Johnson, which is an extremely common name. A visit to Mr. Google says that Jimmie Johnson is a NASCAR driver.

PG decided to retake the test, with all the answers the same, except for number 7, Have you ever had a close friend who was an evangelical Christian? PG does not have close friends in this dreaded category, but has had family members and co workers. With a yes answer to question seven (and no to the follow up, Are you an evangelical Christian yourself?), PG gained two points, to 33. (Remember, the lower the score, the more of a “bubble” you live in.) Maybe they should have an option for “No thank you”.

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