Corruption In Georgia

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 22, 2012

An outfit with the oxymoronic name State Integrity Investigation has put out a report. Georgia is the most corrupt state in America. Here is how they stack up. To the surprise of cable tv fans, New Jersey is the least corrupt state.

The STI is a collaboration of The Center For Public Integrity, Global Integrity, and Public Radio International. According to Peach Pundit,
“The research done to determine Georgia fails with ethics was done by former Atlanta Journal and Constitution investigative reporter Jim Walls, among the best in the business. He now runs his own website,, and I encourage you to read his full report here“. (Some of the struck dogs say he is “just a blogger”.)
Peach Pundit is considered to be a conservative, republican blog. Her democratic cousin, Blog For Democracy, does not have this story on the front page. BFD does have a video, Rep. Terry England compares women to cows, pigs and chickens. This is how politics works… you work up the unwashed, about issues that you have no control over, while scraping the gold off the dome.

In its original report,Georgia Receives Deserved Dubious Distinction For Ethics Laws, Pundit has some grisly details.
In the last 4 years, Georgia has had a House Speaker who had an affair with a lobbyist for whom he sponsored a bill that would have granted her employer hundreds of millions of dollars for a natural gas pipeline. We had a candidate for Governor with 10 Political Action Committees set up in Alabama to illegally launder campaign funds from a single donor whom he regulated as insurance commissioner. We had a state legislator who dated a lobbyist and got her client a new building at the University she represented, and then threatened the University when they later fired her. He now is the State Labor Commissioner.
We have a Governor who had to file and re-file required disclosures throughout his campaign because critical information was either omitted or incorrect. When the director of the ethics commission prepared subpoenas to serve on the Governor and sought help from the FBI for forensic accounting, her staff was gutted and she was replaced.

We have a Senate Rules Chairman who has traveled to Israel with a lobbyist whom he listed on the official program as a Senate staffer. He uses his campaign account to fund a $2,100 per month condo just 30 miles from his home, yet continues to bill taxpayers for per diem for over 100 days when the legislature is in session. He bills for mileage to and from his home every working day, including the days he is not even in the state.

And we have a current Speaker, elected by his peers after scandal brought down the entire former House leadership team, who took his family on a Thanksgiving vacation to Europe at the expense of lobbyists which went unreported for months. The $17,000 expenditure – roughly the same amount of a base legislator’s pay – was so that the Speaker could learn about trains and transit.

For years the Democrats ruled the state. The Republicans screamed about the corruption. When the GOP took over the state, they showed how much they had learned from the Democrats. It will be interesting to see what “issues” are used as a smokescreen. (Maybe we need a new state flag. If we make it round, we could sell advertising space to Coca Cola.) Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. The image above the text shows Herman Talmadge and Marvin Griffin.

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