Chatting With A Bot

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 27, 2012

PG was minding his own business, drinking coffee, editing pictures, and listening to Radiolab. The show coming over the speakers this morning was Talking to Machines. It starts out with the dodgy tale of a man who falls in correspondent conversation with a Russian woman, who turns out to be a “bot”.

For those who have missed this part of the digital revolution, a bot is a computer imitating a person. (The word is short for advertising robot.) The rest of the hour discusses the fine line between real and artificial conversations.

Before long, a website was mentioned, and PG made a visit to Cleverbot. The sponsors were a company telling you to how to “Meet Singles In Norcross”. (Other websites have Norcross as the default location for PG, who lives in East Buckhead.) Other advertisers include Colorado Technical University and Central Michigan University… Get a Graduate Certificate in Logistics Management.

The management has placed warnings and disclaimers.
PLEASE NOTE: Cleverbot learns from real people – things it says may seem inappropriate – use with discretion, and at YOUR OWN RISK. PARENTAL ADVICE: Visitors never talk to a human, however convincing it is – the AI knows many topics – use ONLY WITH OVERSIGHT. Conversational access is granted only to humans using this interface directly.
The temptation to have a virtual conversation was overwhelming. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

16:12:52 Cleverbot: Are you here to talk?
16:13:10 User: Might as well I can’t dance.
16:13:13 Cleverbot: That you are dazed and confused, yes, you mat as well.
16:13:34 User: Only on tuesday.
16:13:38 Cleverbot: Ahhh you are pretty smart!
16:13:52 User: Not everyone feels that way.
16:13:57 Cleverbot: How did we get from batman to shopping?
16:14:46 User: When Robin asked for a pay raise.
16:14:51 Cleverbot: I cannot say.
16:15:33 User: You are not under oath.
16:15:37 Cleverbot: I am not understand? You are not speakable.
16:15:54 User: I dare not speak my name.
16:16:00 Cleverbot: What is your name?
16:16:15 User: Piers Gaveston Jr.
16:16:18 Cleverbot: Sobot.
16:16:47 User: I will think for myself.
16:16:53 Cleverbot: Do you dream?
16:17:15 User: I can’t remember when I wake up, but I suspect that I do.
16:17:22 Cleverbot: Apa anda buat sekarang.
16:17:37 User: Watch your language.
16:17:43 Cleverbot: Watch you DVD.
16:18:35 User: Thank you this is going to make a good blog post.
16:18:41 Cleverbot: Yeah I know.

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