Facts Are Stupid Things

Posted in The Internet by chamblee54 on April 8, 2012

In an internet galaxy, millions of byte years from known forms of life, resides Taki’s Magazine. They recently became notorious for posting The Talk: Nonblack Version. If you wade past the ritual denunciations, and want to read the article for yourself, you will discover that the server for Taki’s does not work very well. When you click on a link, the worst thing to happen is waiting a minute or Often, the link does not work, or has to be clicked several times, only to go to a home page where you might find a link to the article you want. This is a problem. When you copy something from Taki’s, this message appears at the bottom. “Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.” Often, the link does not function. Maybe it is the IT guy who doesn’t get paid for his work. On the “about” page, we see this: “We at Taki’s Magazine take our politics like we take life—lightly. We believe political labels such as conservative and liberal are as outdated as flared trousers and nazis. Ideology is
a false god, a secular religion that seeks vainly to create a paradise on Earth. Our only ideology is to be against the junk culture foisted upon us and mirages of a new world order. Think of us what you will, but read us. Our writers are never boring.” The “big three” are Publisher Taki Theodoracopulos, Executive Editor Mandolyna Theodoracopulos, and Editor Jim Goad. There was a feature at Taki’s, 10 Hatefacts for Those Who Hate Facts. This was the article that made PG decide to write this post. Finding text to go between the pictures gets tougher and tougher every day. These pictures are from The Library of Congress. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Facts Are Stupid Things”. According to Bad Attitudes “The title above is a quote from Ronald Reagan at the 1988 Republican National Convention. He was trying to access a John Adams quote, “Facts are stubborn things,” but something more appropriate to the man and the occasion popped out.” This was the convention which nominated George H.W. Bush, and gave the dynasty a sold push. When you say something is a fact, you imply that it is the truth. Factual is the adjective, and Fact check is a verb. Anyone who thinks knows that the facts are often not true. Maybe rhetorical unit, or RU, would be better. As Ru Paul likes to say, you better work. Since the creditors of the writer want to get paid, you are encouraged to follow the link, and read the original feature.  We will paraphrase the titles of some of these comments, and supply original text. The idea was to take 10 “true statements”, call them hatefacts, and post them in all caps. We will post four items.  4. Lifestyles One wonders what the author of this piece does for money, when he doesn’t get paid for his work. How did he find this out? “Circuit parties go on for three days and the attendees do so much crystal meth, they are able to fornicate nonstop throughout the entire event. This seemingly infinite amount of friction their poor bums and dinks are forced to endure has consequences.” One word: Lubrication. 6. Native Americans The terms indian and native american were coined by import americans. (A group that includes both black and white people.) The original residents of north and south america lived in hundreds of tribes. These tribes were probably just as different from each other as african americans and european americans. Many of them were not nice people. To make a generalization about all of these tribes is ridiculous. The new age ideas about how original americans lived are probably about as realistic as the injuns in Hollywood movies. 8. Slavery did not benefit the south after the war This one got people worked up. The idea was that the south was broke after the unpleasantness, and built itself back up. This is not completely true. Once reconstruction was over, a form of de facto slavery was in effect. The people who owned land before the war continued to own land. They found ways to get the land worked, without paying a whole lot to the helpers. It is easier to fire someone than to sell him. The truth is, things were tough for a lot of people after the war. White trash was only marginally better off than their black neighbors. The wealthy land owners got the whites and blacks to hating each other, so they wouldn’t worry about the economics. The same divide and conquer dynamic is working today. 9. Guns If George Zimmerman had not been armed, Trayvon Martin would be alive today. People who constantly talk about their wonderful guns are both obnoxious and scary. There are better ways to prove your masculinity. Does anyone want to speculate about George Zimmerman having a little pecker?


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