Twenty Questions Minus Fifteen

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 27, 2012

So, Father Tony did this interview with Andrew Holleran. There was an email exchange, where FT asked a few questions. At the end of the last question, Mr. Holleran made this observation:
p.s. These questions (above) are all so serious, it’s refreshing to know someone else cares about them, but the joke is you’re the one who should be answering them, not me! That sounded like an idea for a post. If anyone is not interested in the answers here, you can always look at the pictures. These pictures are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost.
1) What does one live for, if one doesn’t believe in god or an afterlife the quality of which is determined by our performance on earth?

PG may be the wrong person to ask this. He suspects there is a G-d, and that the world would be a happier place without her. As for life after death, that is not a good guide for life before death. Life is to be lived. Whether you are happy or sad, you are alive, and that is not being dead. Obsession with life after death is not a good foundation for a religion, either.

2) What does one live for if one is single with no foreseeable change to that status, or, single and making no effort to change that status?

PG suggests looking at answer one for this. PG has been single most of his life, and does not see it changing soon. Sometimes, he is surprised he has made it as far as he has. Regardless of what songwriters say, some people don’t do badly by themself.

3) There seemed to be happiness in your voice. What is the source of it, or did I read your voice incorrectly?

PG has been tagged with “negative attitude” for a while. He suspects that it is a bit of hype, but you learn to deal with it. After all, it is others who have to look at the face. Mr. Holleran had a good comment on this.

AH: You know there are people at Harvard and no doubt other places studying happiness. and one theory is that people have a sort of fixed temperature to which they always return, no matter what happens to them – like a thermostat.

4) I’m almost done with the two “f” decades. (I barely remember the two “t” decades.) You are in the “s” decades. What is that like? What do you hope will happen when you get out of bed?

PG is in his “f’s”. He doesn’t hope for anything when he gets out of bed. If he can make it to the restroom without an accident, that is a plus. Not getting thumped upside the head is a good thing, as is not getting arrested or admitted to a hospital. PG prefers to remember to take food off the stove before it is burned, and to turn off the gas.

5) I see that at the Literary Festival in Fort Lauderdale you’ll be reading something from work in progress. Because I won’t be there to hear it, will you tell me anything about what you are working on, or about what you will read?

You are looking at it.

Andrew Holleran wrote Dancer from the dance. It was considered by many to be the best book about gay america in the seventies, aka the candy store. One image stuck in PG’s head … the guy so infatuated that he snuck into the train toilet to smell the feces of his beloved. PG tried to find a copy of DFTD. He went to several bookstores, prepared to pay retail price. Finally, he was helping someone move, and found a copy. PG borrowed that copy, and was halfway through reading it when he found a paperback of DFTD for twenty five cents at Booknook.

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