Eat Pray Love Chronicles Part Three

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Bead 037 This bead is the transition from Italy to India. Miss Gilbert arrives at the Mumbai airport, and takes a taxi to the ashram. When she arrives, the morning arati has started. Miss Gilbert quietly joins the party. Through the pasta tumult of Italy, she has not meditated in four months. The mantra comes back… om nah ma shi va ya. Om Namah Shivaya.
Mantra is an eastern concept that is not used well in america. Often you here someone say the mantra, when they really should say the operating cliche. The idea is that you say this phrase while meditating, focus on it, and that your other pesky thoughts will fall by the wayside. PG had a bried encounter with Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism years ago. Their mantra is Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. PG tried to use this mantra, but did not do very well. PG went to one meeting, and stayed on the telephone list much longer. Three years later, the roommate of a friend practiced Daishonin Buddhism. The name and phone number of PG was on his list.

Bead 038 This bead begins with the question Why do we practice Yoga? The capital W at the start is decorative, as is the first letter of all the beads. This W could symbolize the america of POTUS W, who started World War W. The interlocking X and V on the right are formal, with a huge serif at the top. The stoke on the left, the element of the letter which makes a W out of two Vs, drifts out in a curve. This curve on the left gets longer and skinnier, until it is longer than the XV on the right. This super W is from a font called tagliente.
Tagliente is based on the copybooks of a renowned 16th century Italian writing … Don’t deny yourself all this beauty, just buy the font and you’ll feel better.
We are still in the process of moving from Italian decadence to Indian pursuit of enlightenment. The bead is a discussion of different types of yoga. It seems like the pose holding type of yoga is hatha yoga. One purpose of this is to prepare your body for the challenge of sitting in meditation.
If you look in Google, you will find a page of EPL quotes. If PG finds this page, and makes it his friend, then the rest of this cycle will be easier to write. But now, he is waiting for a phone call that tells him to get his brother at the grocery store. It would be nice to finish this bead before he gets the call. So it is time to put those typing skills to work.
” Yoga is the effort to experience one’s divinity personally and then to hold on to that experience forever.”
Perhaps this is one essential difference between yoga, and the vulgar Jesus religion that dominates america. In yoga, the idea is to achieve this self-G-d reunion during life on earth. Christians wait unti they die, but talk endlessly about it while alive. (It is acknowledged that Yoga is not a religion, in the sense that it competes with other belief systems. It is a practice, which can compliment these systems. There remains the possibility that you will decide that you don’t agree with the beliefs of your anointed religion after all, in which case you have some ‘splainin to do.)

Bead 039 PG finished bead 038, leaned back in his chair, and looked at bead 039 in the book. The phone rang. The Jack Benney jokes will have to wait.
This bead is about the fine print of the ashram. Its name is not mentioned in EPL, because it neither wants the attention, nor can it accommodate any extra visitors. The people who go there are carefully screened. Those with too many issues are gently encouraged to stay away. The contrast with always evangelizing Jesus people is noted.
PG first heard about Liz Gilbert when she was on BloggingheadsTV. She was paired with Susan Orlean, another lady writer. PG knew nothing about about either. It was determined that this discussion was due for a re-listen, probably while editing pictures from the FSA.
It turns out that PG remembered a segment from this diavlog. The ladies were talking about editing, and how it almost always makes writing better to take things out. Miss Gilbert may have been discussing her taste in men when she says
“it’s always better, twenty five percent shorter, always better”. Ms. Orlean says “it’s tighter and cleaner and you’re down to the stuff that really matters”.
PG runs into this when he is formatting text. When you force text into a 720 pixel wide block, it is not always a neat fit. Often, you will have one or two words by themselves on a line, at the end of a paragraph. This is known as a widow, and it is to be avoided. Typically, PG will go in the last sentence, and see if there isn’t a word or three that can be eliminated. The writing is usually better.

Bead 040 This bead is about New Years Eve at the ashram. The first letter is an M. It has the left side spiral of the W, the and a sickle on the right side bottom. This is a mystery.
The internet wankfest yesterday was A Complete Guide to ‘Hipster Racism’. In a facebook thread today, someone said something about telling racist jokes. PG decided to contribute. “How many racists does it take to change a light bulb?” An unkind person said “How many“. PG did not have a clue what to say. The best he could come up with was “It depends on how much privilege the light bulb enjoys.” The next comment:
“I don’t think NOT telling racist jokes means one is pretending NOT to be racist. I think we can all recognize our own racism and confront it with each other in ways other than telling racist jokes. if you really want things to get less racist, or be an active anti-racist, I think it’s important not to alienate allies. And most of my allies request that I not tell racist jokes. But, like the article says, you can say whatever you want.” PG did not make any more comments.
Bead 041 This bead is about the process of meditation, and the difficulties it gives Miss Gilbert. Like many people, she prefers the active role of prayer over the passive activity of meditation. Like many people, she finds it difficult to turn off the thinking. While being able to think gives people the intellectual ability to become enlightened, it can get in the way emotionally.
Part of the fun (and frustration) of writing a blog is seeing what posts get traffic, and which ones are ignored. Yesterday, PG wrote a post, Racism Is Obsolete, about america’s national pastime … handwringing about anti black racism. So far, it has gotten two page views. The top attraction today is Presidential Middle Names. Search engine terms today include:what did april glaspie say to saddam hussein, bad warren harding, people who don’t take care of their things, disturbing road kill, horses and drugs, and young dumb thang fucked my best and gave him brain.

Bead 042 Miss Gilbert keeps trying the meditation thing. It is not working.
When you google Eat Pray Love quotes, you get 12,300,000 results. Goodreads has 11 pages, which may be handy for this cycle. Fr. Stephen, MSC has ten quotes, and a comment thread. 
I am a collector also of great quotes. I only watched the movie, and I think the book is much better (based from reviews I’ve read). The quotes from the movies are different from those quoted from the book (Ive searched some). Thanks for the review, Fr. Stephen. Regards. // No disrespect, but this book and movie is about a woman who leaves her husband and family and searches for “herself” by looking to culture, food, and men. How is this a God-exalting, Biblical example of what God wants for His people? Don’t be fooled when she talks about God – she is not talking about Jesus, but of the worldly idea of a higher-power, spiritual Being. If we are to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in this desperate world, we cannot point people to movies like this. We need to point them to the Bible. God is not found in a soul-mate, food, or traveling, or beauty. Yes, He created those things and they are not bad, but don’t confuse or credit them as being Yahweh. // I can only agree to Marissa. while those are attractive quotes that we can refer to once in a while but then let us not be tempted by this secular world. I have seen the film but I have not read the book . That is why it is important to know Jesus and his role in your life and to anchor your life with His teachings. I also will not encourage especially my students to watch the film for it contradicts the very essence of our existence. If we search for happiness outside our life at present, there is danger in that because sometimes happiness is a state of mind. You will not leave your husband/wife for that matter just because you are no longer happy. Choosing a life anchored in Jesus is the best way to find your true self.
Bead 043 The ashramers are encouraged to eat carefully. When your body is struggling to digest a heavy meal, it will be much more difficult to hold hands with G-d. This is another thing that is tough for Miss Gilbert… to pass by a buffet with delicious food. At one of the meals, she meets Richard. He is a man. He is from Texas, which seems to be an important detail. Richard is one person in the Indische part of the story who is identified by his “real” name.
In 1985, PG was working in Midtown Atlanta. Lunch was frequently the best part of the day. This is when PG was introduced to Indian food. There was a restaurant on Peachtree Street, just off Tenth Street, called Touch of India. For $3.75 ($4.25 for a meat dish), you got a samosa, curry dish, and dessert. Beer was extra.
This location was almost as much fun as the food. When PG’s mother was growing up, the Tenth Street Theater was in this spot. Behind this building was an apartment building that Margaret Mitchell lived in. This was where “Gone With The Wind” was written. During the nineties, the building was abandoned, and damaged by fire. In this site now is the Margaret Mitchell House. The building with Touch of India was sacrificed for the tourist trap.

Bead 044 When PG was in high school, a gang of hippies decided that 44 was a magic number. Hank Aaron wore number 44. The number does have a certain symmetry, with the factors of two and two and eleven. The fascination continues to this day, with BHO serving as POTUS number 44.
This chapter is about Richard. He used to pray a lot, always saying 
“please, please, please open my heart”. This went on until he had open heart surgery. You should be careful when you ask for something, because you might get it.
Bead 045 In this chapter, Miss Gilbert gets better at meditating. A new mantra, Hamsa, helps. This is not pronounced the same as the ham you eat. That type of ham has been used as a mantra, as the videos below demonstrate.

ok Ready for the most disturbing thing EVER? it is a video called pickle surprise. here it features… Ugg just watch the video here buhuhuhuhuhu warning it contains a man wearing a big pickle hat(which looks a little like a dick) It will show Girls laughing,A woman Ummm… “cleaning” her fingers, And Some Creepy guy Will pop up and Just start shouting PICKLE SURPRISE! Then he slaps an English muffin on a plate, Spreads mayo on it, and slaps a slice of ham on it the everybody goes in a hypnosis like stage and just says HAM then he will yell out PICKLE SURPRISE then that woman will say Uh Wheres The Pickle? Tee hee THATS THE SURPRISE!
Bead 046 This chapter is about kundalini shakti. This is like a pot of gold at the end of the yoga rainbow. Your spine becomes clearer and straighter, and then one day a ball of fire runs up your back. If you are reading this, hoping to get an accurate description of what yoga does for people, please skip ahead to the pictures. Find someone who knows what they are talking about.
The forces that the body unleashes can be very powerful. If the person is not ready for this ball of fire, you can be badly hurt. This is one reason that a qualified teacher is essential to the experience. The closest PG has come was a breathing exercise known as “rebirthing”. While laying on the ground, a leader guides you through a period of intensive breathing. When it is over, you feel as though a thousand electrified needles were stuck in every part of your body.

Bead 047 The magic notebook returns in this bead. Miss Gilbert is having dreams where snakes, and mad dogs, threaten her health and well being. She runs bawling into the loo, grabs the magic notebook, and writes
“I NEED YOUR HELP”. Before much longer, someone writes “I’m right here. It’s OK. I love you. I will never leave you.”
Back in real time, the Secret Service is having scandal problems. They have recently issued a set of guidelines for the behavior of agents.
4. Patronization of non-reputable establishments is prohibited. Some people are wondering if the White House is a non reputable establishment.
Bead 048 The morning meditation is a disaster. The only person brave enough to talk to her is Richard. He listens for a while, and tells Miss Gilbert that she has control issues. This is a dangerous thing to say, especially when it is the truth. Groceries… which is what Richard calls Miss Gilbert, stews a bit more, and tells Richard to get lost.

Matthew 13:57 And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house.
Telling the truth is dangerous business. During the McCarthy era, there was a serious expression… pre mature anti fascist. Those who saw the dangers of Germany, before it was socially acceptable, were considered communists.
Bead 049 When Liz Gilbert was ten years old, she was freaked out that her childhood was slipping away from her. Supposedly, this was where her control issues began. When PG was ten years old, he had witnessed a family crisis that forty eight years later is too sensitive to discuss. This was the summer of Beatlemania, when Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater were running for President. The summer of Miss Gilbert’s control issues was 1979, when Iran was about the explode, and drive Jimmy Carter out of the White House. That spring, PG bought a bus ticket for California, spent a week in a Moonie camp, and came back home. Miss Gilbert is going to be forty three this summer. This seemed very old at one time, especially growing up in an age where nobody over thirty was to be trusted. When you are fifty eight, forty three is a youngun.
One of the pictures for this feature shows the Cameo Lounge. It was a bar, across the street from the Greyhound station. It prospered because of a deal the owner made with the taxi drivers. Whenever they got a fare, and the man wanted to go to a gay bar, he was taken to the Cameo lounge.

Bead 050 The meditation thing is going better, but the distractions are not going to give up. The one that keeps coming back is her rebound bf, the one she thought she said goodbye to in Rome. The inner dialog goes on, until a lion within Miss Gilbert roars
“YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS !!!!!!!!!” There were nine exclamation marks in the text.
It seems as though this is human nature. A friend of Miss Gilbert was a counselor, working with boat people from Cambodia. Talk about people with a troubled past. War, genocide, and a treacherous journey across the ocean in a makeshift boat is just a part of the story. So what do these people talk to the counselor about? I met this guy on the boat, fell in love, but now he is seeing my cousin and I want him back. What can I do?.

Bead 051 Later that day, Richard makes a smart comment, and the lion inside Miss Gilbert roared a bit more. Richard was impressed, and took Miss Gilbert into town to share a hallucinogenic Indian soft drink. Richard is careful not to touch the bottle with his lips. While in India, never touch anything except yourself.
When you create do a chapter by chapter breakdown, you need two bookmarks. One is the place where you are reading, like a normal bookmark. The other is for the part of the book you are writing about. The first bookmark is a gospel tract. PG got this while getting the emissions report on his vehicle. The marker for the place where PG has read is an envelope. A telephone message is written on it. PG’s cousin in New Canaan CT called at 3:30 pm, 4-22-2012, with News About Family.

Bead 052 While Miss Gilbert has established a truce with meditation, there is an obstacle to her enlightenment. It is Sri Guru Gita. A 182 verse song written in Sanskrit, “The Geet” is sung every morning, after morning meditation and before breakfast. Miss Gilbert has issues with this practice, and has little control over the situation.
A teacher at the ashram is consulted. Yes, Miss Gilbert does not have to sing the Geet. The guru who founded the ashram teaches that this practice is essential to enlightenment, but nobody has to do it. Ultimately, Miss Gilbert sticks with singing the Geet, because she has free will to stop.

Bead 053 The singing of the Geet is not getting any easier. Miss Gilbert blames the whole mess on Swamiji, the founder of the ashram. Evidently, he was somewhat of a rascal. This is not the first time Miss Gilbert has “butted heads” with the man, who has been dead twenty years when the story is told. If you google the word Swamiji you will get several results, and PG is not sure which one is here.
The first rule of learning how to write is to read, read, and read some more. You cannot read too much. The working title for a Madonna biography was too much, but the book was censored with that title. When the text is challenging, then you can use that as a bad example.

Bead 054 One morning, Miss Gilbert overslept. She missed morning meditation, and was about to miss singing Sri Guru Gita. Scrambling in her room, she discovers that she has been padlocked into her room. While this would be a valid excuse for missing the hour of singing a song that she hates, Miss Gilbert is determined to attend. She crawls out a window, and jumps out of a second floor window. When PG reads this, with his wasted knee propped on a pillow, he winces. If he were to jump out of a second floor window, he would never walk again. As it is, his hiking and dancing days may be over, a thought that brings much unhappiness. But Miss Gilbert has two good knees, and makes it to sing Sri Guru Gita. She found a way to enjoy the singing, and never thought about missing the singing of Sri Guru Gita. again.
Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library.”
Parts one and two of this cycle have been published.

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