Brookhaven Pie

Posted in Georgia History by chamblee54 on May 20, 2012

There is an amusing discussion now at Peach Pundit about a proposed City of Brookhaven. The metro area has gone new city crazy recently. Unicorporated Fulton and Dekalb county land has been used to create Sandy Springs, Milton, John’s Creek, and Dunwoody. The latest proposal (the boundaries have not been drawn yet) would use land between Atlanta, Dunwoody, Chamblee, and the unincorporated Dekalb territory to the south. It would probably include the Ashford Park area that PG lives in.

Brookhaven is called the first planned golf course community in Georgia. The Capital City Club anchors a spectacular neighborhood, with a loop road that is popular with joggers, bikers, dogwalkers, and somnambulists. There used to be a city called North Atlanta which was discorporated in the sixties.

With it’s location on Peachtree Road, just outside the City of Atlanta, Brookhaven has been a favored site for McMansions. In the “Indian Village” neighborhood, very few of the original shacks remain. Lynwood Park, the oldest Black community in Dekalb county, is another scene of gentrification.

The story in Peach Pundit is a lively affair. People with reservations about this new city are given links calling them liberal crackpots . The author tells the tale of seeing a young man walking away with his lawn mower. He was not happy with the police response, and feels that an new city police force would do a better job.

The story spawned a festive comment thread. Instead of discussing the merits of a new city, the commenters discuss the pros and cons of confronting the lawn mower thief personally, as opposed to calling the police. There is one comment that begs to be quoted. I agree, creating government is not conservative. It is a conservative reaction to liberalism gone awry.

In other neighborhood news, fishwrapper scribe Jim Galloway talks about the continuing saga of Jill Chambers. The former State Representative is being sued for some debts, and creditors covet her campaign contributions.

In a comment to the Galloway piece, Ms. Chambers writes “The interesting thing is all of this is on the hands of the Feds now – state law does not apply and this cannot be fixed during a special legislative session. That is why the Judge will not consider that the funds were seized illegally BEFORE the bankruptcy.” Two comments down from Ms. Chambers, her creditor’s attorney says “Call me if politicians owe you money. 404.262.1425”

Mr. Galloway reports that Ms. Chambers is currently working for a private investigation firm, in hopes of getting her own P.I. license. Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. This is a repost. The vote on the proposed new city is July 31.

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