Watering Hole Story

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 25, 2012

PG and his neighbor DA went out to drink beer and shoot pool. The destination was a place called the Watering Hole. The Watering Hole used to be a VFW. There was a TV repair store next door. When the county legalized bars, the VFW went somewhere else.  The TV repair store became the game room. You could see on the floor where the counter used to be.

This was a weeknight. The other customer was already past his limit. The drunk was fussing at the bartender when PG and DA walked in.

PG got lucky and hit a good shot on the pool table. He got a bit cocky, and said “and now for my next trick”.The drunk staggered into the game room and lay down on an empty pool table. DA replied, “Is that your next trick?”

Before long, it was time to go home. As PG and DA were leaving, the drunk was arguing with the bartender. He wanted to buy a twelve pack to take home. The drunk won the argument, and started walking up Clairmont Road with his prize.

PG got a block or so away from the Watering Hole. He  saw the drunk sitting in front of a seven eleven store. The drunk was sitting on the curb, drinking a beer. PG drove in front of him, and stopped the car. DA got out, and walked over to the curb. She picked up the eleven pack, and walked over to the car with it. The drunk stood up and yelled obscenities. The car drove away. off. This is a repost.

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