Water Lawsuit Thrown Out By SCOTUS

Posted in Georgia History by chamblee54 on June 26, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear an appeal of the lawsuit over the water of the Chattahoochee River. (Here is the ruling that was upheld.) Until the next round of regulation and litigation, Atlanta can use the water from Lake Lanier.

If you look at the size of the Chattahoochee watershed , you might wonder why anyone would build a city here. The water is coveted by Alabama and Florida, as well as downstream Georgia. For some bizarre reason, there is a nuclear power plant on the river, using enormous amounts of water.

Water simply is not regarded as a precious commodity in Georgia. The drought in 2007 is forgotten, except for a few environmental wackos. What water we do have is not well managed. A comment at the fishwrapper says it better than this slack blogger.

“Now can we do ourselves a favor and outlaw ‘homeowners associations’ from requiring water hog vegetation? Can we raise the money to fix water system leaks? Will we join the rest of the civilized world in realizing that water is NECESSARY and PRECIOUS and treat it that way? Is it possible to require electric utilities to reduce the amount of water they waste through evaporation? Will another year come and go in the General Assembly without reining in the influence of the turf grass growers? Has there ever been a better opportunity to RAISE THE LEVEL of Lake Lanier to 1073 ft. above sea level which would completely eliminate the need for any wasted money and unnecessary fights over reservoirs? We dodged a bullet with the SC decision. It would be a shame not to learn from it and modify our laws and practices so the problem is solved instead of ignored.”

Certainly, the amount of water released from the lake can be altered. Perhaps, when it is raining South of the perimeter, we can take that into account, and release less from the lake. More reservoirs are clearly needed, which will give the developers something to build luxury homes around.

There is a blog post today, Dirty politics and decrepit strip malls. It has a picture of an empty strip mall, a sight as common as kudzu. The difference is, kudzu goes away in the winter. For years, the developers have built as if there was no tomorrow, without a thought as to where the water for these projects is coming from. The money quote
“All you have to do is look around at the never ending, hideous, suburban sprawl and you will come to the conclusion that there is a massive amount of cronyism in the State of GA. There was obviously no thought put in to quality of life/environmental factors, only who could line his pockets more by building yet another decrepit strip mall.”
Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

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