Dark Skinned Appreciation Day

Posted in Race by chamblee54 on July 12, 2012

PG was trying to recycle some old blonde jokes into a post, and was over it. A trip to twitter was made, and the joke pickins were slim. A look at the Trending Topics revealed something called #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay. Text to separate the pictures just gets sketchier every day. The pictures today are from The Library of Congress.
The current POTUS, BHO, has dark skin. The temptation to label him as black ignores the fact that the late Ann Dunham, the mother POTUS, was Caucasian. As his political career developed, BHO decided that a “black identity” would be to his advantage. The Kansas/Kenya background has “colored” his presidency. Dark skinned is a good phrase to describe BHO.
Another popular phrase in progressive circles is people of color, or POC. The head facilitating this post rests on a red neck. While red is usually considered a color, people with red necks are routinely labelled white, or the absense of color. Labels for people can be confusing.
A gentleman in New Jersey is claiming responsibility for DSAD. 
I WIPE MY OWN ASS!!! ‏@EugeneTattedUp Yes, and it’s going very well lol RT @BougieK15: @EugeneTattedUp lol did you make up ‪#darkskinnedappreciationday. His profile reads:I Only Eat Chicken, That’s the Motto, Nigga, Pollo … FYI, I’m Deaf. And so it is Dark Skinned Appreciation Day in Twitterland. Lets take a look at what those thumbs are punching into smartphones.
@natiby_nature #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay cause the lord wanted to cook some of us properly
@ChrisDeGirolamo For #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay , I won’t say anything racist all day.
‏@GreenEyedHeffa_  Ayee #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay We Don’t Like Them Redbones

‏@xx_chicary_lola What ? Since when has there been a #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay ??
‏@YOOShesDOPE_ #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay… Yall are true idiots for this -_-”
‏@TarikTheCreator #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay I prefer to call myself a mocha/caramel color

@MorganW_ #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay? Seriously who comes up with these things…
‏@_Blac_Chiyna #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay O Koo I Got My Own Day :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
‏@YESitsRachael #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay .. ignorance .

@_ThaReal2HT #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay We Worked Hard For This Day ! Pshh Yah Lightskins Better Go Catch A Tan !
@EugeneTattedUp We celebrate our advanced amount of Melanin on #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay !!!
‏@LaBeauteNoire3 *throws Hersheys kisses down TL and twerks* #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay

@KrownRoyaleNY #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay ?? ight ima log of twitter till this shit passes…
@breexxbunnie #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay only applies to those with moisturized, even skin tones….not you dry ashy blue looking motherfuckers.
@Legacy_Theory Bet y’all wish y’all was out in them fields now huh??

@So_True_Rae I see #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay … It’s a first time for everything huh? Lol
@Legacy_Theory The great thing about #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay is it moves to a different day each year when the sun isn’t out… Praise Black Jesus
@EugeneTattedUp I decided to found #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay today because it’s cloudy and we’re winning … Let’s pray for clouds in the future…

@Titts_N_Giggles this will not prosper RT @EugeneTattedUp #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay
@EugeneTattedUp Happy Birthday & #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay RT @JNelly_S: Happy 22nd birthday to my baby mama @_ReneDarling_ love you boop. Enjoy your day
‏@CallMeiBigPapa That #DarkSkinnedAppreciationDay thing is sad. At the end of the day we all black no matter wat shade you are.

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  1. I Write Like « Chamblee54 said, on July 13, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    […] hostess was offended by his remarks. This story was written in the style of David Foster Wallace. Dark Skinned Appreciation Day is written like H.P. Lovecraft. MARTA Dance Show is written like Kurt Vonnegut. Another […]

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