Block Party

Posted in Georgia History by chamblee54 on July 29, 2012

PG and Uzi usually talk on the phone on Sunday, around noon. At 11:45, the phone rang. PG answered with a cheerful “good morning”. He felt very foolish when it was a robocall, telling him to vote for T- SPLOST on tuesday. This is one of six automated phone calls PG has gotten in the last two days, ensuring a no vote on tuesday. Joseph Lowery should know better.

Since PG injured his knee in February, there have not been many Sunday afternoon walks. Today though, the heat and the sore joint are not going to be an obstacle. It has been a while since the two went to Little Fivc Points, and today was the day.

One thing you should never discuss publicly when you go to a trendy neighborhood is where you park. Some things are just too personal to talk about. Today was a low traffic day, and a huge parking spot opened up for PG’s honda.

There was a sign, indicating an WRFG block party in the community center. You could hear a band playing, by the time you reached Bass High School. The party was a low key affair, which seemed like fun for the people attending. After a few minutes, it was time to go back towards Zestos.

The photography was fun. PG has been taking it easy on the camera lately, and soon remembered how much fun it was to photograph everything in sight. The mannequins had new outfits, at least new to PG. The wig store was in it’s glory. You have to wig in before you can wig out.

Soon, it was time to go up Moreland, towards Junkman’s Daughter. The knee was starting to protest, and PG didn’t want to force the issue. A couple of men were panhandling. One had a hint of menace in his voice, and the other had been wasted since Jimmy Carter was Governor. As PG walked by the stonezombie a second time, he was heard to say “lets get naked”. PG was going to say it’s too hot, but thought better of it. This was almost in front of the Vortex, and PG was concerned about a possible extention of their no idiot policy to the sidewalk.

Soon, PG and Uzi were back in the vehicle, heading up to the Piccadilly on North Druid Hills road. The server lady was offended that PG did not get a dessert. He said he would have gotten one if she had paid for it, which simply did not work.

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