Bob Dylan Brookhaven Bleeding Lambs

Posted in The Internet by chamblee54 on July 29, 2012

Google has a better memory than PG. This can be helpful when you have 2000 plus posts in your archive. When PG sees something on facebook that he has written about, he thinks it is cool to give a link to the post. To find this post, he uses Google Advanced Search.

When you go to GAS, you have a bunch of blank lines. The one on top of the page is for the thing you are searching for. Yesterday, PG looked for something that started with B. It was probably Brookhaven, since the vote on creating a new city has become a car crash … tough to look at, but impossible to look away. When PG started his search, he typed B in the top line. The automemory suggestible piped in with Bob Dylan, Brookhaven, bleeding lambs.

PG has written about all three subjects, usually more than once. Once, PG came out of the bathroom, in a mentally unhealthy state. He heard a person praying for entertainment on a radio. “The blood of the lamb has cleansed my heart“. PG freaked out over the visual of the bleeding lambs. After asking the owner of the radio to turn the noise down, there was seven years of righteous anger.

This wound up on Facebook today:
“I don’t know where “normalcy” came from, but I loathe it. Normal, normality. We do not say “realcy” or “functionalcy” or “dualcy” or “trivialcy”. Curse you, Warren G. Harding.” When PG looked up Warren Harding, the suggested options were water, Walt Whitman, and war between the states. At this time, the decision was made to look up the other 24 letters.
Synchronicity abounds. About halfway through writing about Eat, Pray. Love, PG was embarrassed. The first letter to draw a blank is K, which symbolizes strikeout on a baseball scorecard. Hüsker Dü, hip hop, hot and busted, Healy building and heroin came before “is life sacred”.

Last night, PG was talking about an early job he had, as a caddy at a golf course. One day, a man missed a putt, and shouted “shit, piss, and corruption”. PG has an appreciation for creative profanity, and remembers that turn of words forty four years later. Today, that phrase is listed ahead of Santorum, and Santorum weird.

Christopher Isherwood represents an internet holy grail. At some time in the last thirty years, PG read a magazine story about Mr. Isherwood. He said that religion is about people, not doctrine. The key to the religion you adopt is the person who introduces you to that religion. If anyone reading this can direct PG to the source for that quote, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the results of this survey. If nothing was found, the letter is not shown. Like a telephone dial, there is no Q. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

a- adventitious, anti racist faq, atlanta water crisis, Abraham Lincoln
b- Bob Dylan, Brookhaven, Bleeding lambs
c- camel going through eye of the needle, coonskin, Cynthia Mckinney, Christopher Isherwood
d- Donna Summer, Durand Line
e- Eat Pray Love, embarrassed
f- friday the thirteenth, Fred Thomas
g- Gary Johnson
h- Hüsker Dü, hip hop, homonyms, hot and busted, Healy building, heroin
i- is life sacred
j- Jane Fonda, Jane Svoboda
l- Lester Maddox
n- n word
o- Og Mandino, opening lines of books, old times not forgotten
p- privilege, poppers, prose is better than poetry, Pope Pius XII and Cardinal Spellman
r- racism, rotary club four way test, rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Raymond Carver
s- seven, statement issued by Georgia Department of Correction, shit piss and corruption, Santorum, Santorum weird
t- T-SPLOST, trocadero, Tom Waits storyteller, the saint, the day I helped kill a baby, Truman Capote
w- Warren Harding, water, Walt Whitman, war between the states

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