Keeping A Box Score On Hypocrisy

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on August 23, 2012

PG had set up an outdoor office. He ignored the insulting chatter of the birds, and set about writing something. But, first things first, he had to go inside and get more coffee.

The new space was a glorious concept. It took time to put together. There is a stone circle in the back yard, It has a five foot radius in the middle. The walls are about twenty four inches high, and are piled three to four deep with all types of stone. This was a project that PG built seven years ago, with a patina of magnolia leaves that will never be fully cleared. It was nice to look at, but useless.

There was an outdoor table thrown away on Dresden Drive. It was a good height to work on, and had a 24″ circular top. There was a layer of salmon colored tiles, set in mortar, on the top. The table had been left outside for too long, and showed it. Many of the tiles are missing. The underside of the top has layers of rust that flake off when you touch it. It was almost perfect.

The laptop revolution had taken it’s time to get to Parkridge Drive. One thing PG has not adjusted to is the keyboard on the number two machine. It just is not any good. Fortunately, there was an old keyboard that could be recycled. It was a 2000 model compaq, with a row of useless buttons on top. Those buttons add a couple of inches to the width, and when you try to fit everything you need on a 24″ circle, those two inches hurt. (That’s what someone said last night.)

It is all going to work. The plug in mouse is a trackball, and does not need much room. The new office is set in the middle of the stone circle, and the feng shui is so groovy it hurts. It is time to write.

The text in part two is a repost. It is about football. PG is not afraid to talk about religion, but it is best to do so before the fervor reaches the peak of tribal frenzy. This is why the post about the downside of football is posted in August. The official season has not started, much less the January playoff frenzy. If you said during Super Bowl week that season tickets require the ritual sacrifice of your firstborn daughter, Pittsburgh fans would consider that a fair bargain.

The post below is about the physical cost of football. There are statistics about emergency room visits and knee injuries. This cost is horrific, and would not be tolerated in almost any other activity.

There is another cost to football. This is the palatial stadiums that the NFL pressures teams into building. At this time, there is a new stadium going up in California. It will be used about a dozen times a year for the forty niners. The cost of this new facility is enormous. To help pay for it, season ticket fans will have to buy something called a personal seat license. This is a document that they need to buy season tickets. This license will cost eighty thousand dollars. When PG googled the phrase Personal Seat License, one of the options was Personal Seat License Tax Deduction. What a wonderful world.

Out of fairness for billionaires, PG decided to check out the Niner PSL price. Only *one percent* of the seats will cost $80k. “This week , the team began to charge between $20,000 and $30,000 for a Stadium Builders License (SBL) for a Club seat. A fan will then have to pay between $325 and $375 per ticket per game. SBLs are akin to the Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) used by many teams.”

This goes on everywhere. In Atlanta, where the Falcons have won five less Super Bowls than the Niners, there is talk about building a new stadium. The Georgia Dome is only twenty years old. To get it built, the birds threatened to move to Jacksonville. A new hotel motel tax was installed, despite the Georgia governor running on a campaign promise of no new taxes. The local sewers continue to deteriorate, the roads and trains are falling apart, the schools produce junkies and Jesusmongers, and yet these people have the gall to demand a new stadium for a team that could not get into the second round of the playoffs if Rankin Blank’s bankbook depended on it.

The NFL is not the only guilty party. College football tears up young bodies too. These young men are supposed to be amateurs, while the schools rake in the bucks. They get drug tested so they can go on TV and sell beer. As the late Furman Bisher said, if you are keeping a box score on hypocrisy…

Pictures for today are by Chamblee54. They were taken at a dance performance. A personal seat license was not required. This post was written like David Foster Wallace. PG admires the work of Mr. Wallace, but does not consider him a role model. The spell check suggestion for PSL is PAL.

Football is just around the corner. The teams are busy with the pre season, and soon weekends will be full of hitting and drinking. Perhaps this is a good time to wonder whether football is worth the human cost. Especially now, with a national debate raging about the future of our health care. Football injuries keep hospitals hopping during the autumn.

This is a recycled post. There is a helping of hypocrisy here, as PG enjoys watching the hits.

Football season is here. While the games are fun to watch, the players are paying the price. Your health insurance premiums just might be affected.

Football is a contact sport. On every play, the linemen block other lineman to keep them from tackling a back. Someone gets hit on every play. Most of these hits are “clean” and cause only bruises. Some are “dirty”, and cause injuries. Even the clean hits can hurt someone.

There are an estimated 187,000 emergency room visits every year are due to football. What if an illegal drug sent 187k to the er annually? There would be a hue and cry to kill the pushers.

Knee injuries are especially prevalent. An estimated 45,000 knee operations are performed each year due to football injuries. Arthroscopy is a wonderful invention.

With all those helmets slamming into each other, head injuries occur.
“The researchers found that there is approximately one catastrophic head injury per every 150,000 athletes playing, or 7 catastrophic injuries yearly. There were 0.67 injuries per 100,000 players at the high school level and 0.21 injuries per 100,000 for college level football players.” Often, the coaches get caught up in the do or die spirit of a big game, and don’t get the player the medical attention that he needs. “Football is a very macho sport. Athletes are taught to play through pain,” …“But concussions range in severity and symptoms, so all a player may experience is a headache several hours after impact. High school players need to be educated in these symptoms and encouraged to self report.”
Even cheerleading squads are reporting more injuries, due to botched stunts.

When you see the players in their youthful glory, you don’t think what they will look like after they quit playing. Many players know this, but the lure of today’s glory justifies the pain of tomorrow. The heroes of yesterday often walk with pain today.

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