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Posted in Politics, Religion, The Death Penalty by chamblee54 on September 2, 2012

There is an amazing rant about abortion on The ranter is Mollie Ziegler Hemingway. Making exasperated faces is the host, Sarah Posner.

The rant that inspired this feature is thirty three minutes into the discussion. Out of a masochistic sense of fairness, PG decided to listen to the entire discussion, before writing this post. He got two minutes and thirteen seconds in before stopping to cop a quote. MZH said that a good way to help connect with someone, is if you see that they care about something very deeply. PG has had the opposite experience. When he is the target of an emotional volcano, it tends to scare and alienate him. It is not what you say, it is the way you say it. This is important to consider when you get to Mollie’s rant.

This is a common feeling among believers. The idea is that the more you show how much you believe something, the more persuasive you are at converting people to that belief. It has been PG’s experience that these evangelizing believers will say things that they agree with, while not addressing the concerns of the listener. The person who is being preached to is often bewildered by the display of rhetoric, and becomes more convinced of previously held opinions. It is not what you say, it is how you say it.

PG is a fan, and occasional commenter. He even got an email, from a producer, asking him not to post “artistic” screen shots of programs. (Here are some of the pictures: one, two, three.) The normal procedure is to listen to the talkers while working on other projects. The problem is when someone makes an amazing comment, and PG feels the need to make a link to it. Multi tasking has it’s limits, and productivity suffers. One such moment was when MZH said it doesn’t matter whether YOU think that’s an abortion drug what matters it’s whether WE think that’s an abortion drug. Apparently, MZH thinks this helps her connect with SP.

Twenty six minutes in, the ladies begin to discuss the idiotic comment by Todd Akin. This is a prelude to the rant to follow. MZH makes a comment that includes the phrase “consistent pro lifers”.

Lets take a minute to consider the phrase “consistent pro lifers”. In the military, a lifer is someone who makes his career in the service. It is not always a compliment. The job of the military is to fight wars, which means they kill people. This is not something that a person who is “pro life” should be supporting.

This is a huge inconsistency for “consistent pro lifers”. Very, very few people are consistently pro life. The four main life issues are war, abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia. Many of the Christian anti abortion people are enthusiastic supporters of killing Muslim women and children. We are killing them over there, so they won’t come over here and kill us.

The SP-MZH chat was recorded August 28. The night before, the Republican Convention was entertained by a bit of Methodist methhead method acting by Clint Eastwood. The crowd cheered lustily. No one seemed concerned about Mr. Eastwood’s performance as the fetus father in at least two abortions. Is “consistent pro lifer” an oxymoron?

The fun really starts at the thirty three minute mark. MZH has been talking about how being mean to Todd Akin is good for the pro choice cause. She then shifts gears, and starts to talk about BHO. It seems like BHO opposed an anti abortion bill when he was an Illinois state senator. To MZH, this makes BHO a radical baby killer. To MZH, this, position taken as a state senator years ago, makes BHO just as radical as a man who says that rape affects conception.

MZH goes on to whine about the media. This is a sure sign that she cannot make a logical case for her beliefs. When your message fails, you bash the other messenger. All the time, MZH gets more and more worked up. SP shakes her head so much you worry about her earpiece falling out.

At the thirty five thirty five mark, MZH lets out the republican rhetoric rascal that lurks in her consistently pro life soul. When SP tried to calm down MZH, and inject a note of reason into the debate, MZH started to scream about gay marriage. This is how things work. Gay marriage is a great distraction. When reason fails, you start to toss red herrings onto the trail.

After a while, PG began to think that he has had enough fun with this discussion. It is time to wrap up, go outside, and get a life. At this point, MZH says another jaw dropper. Arguing from the extremes is not a really helpful thing.

The ladies did have a moment of agreement to end the discussion. MZH said women are more than their vaginas, and SP said good night Chet. It is tough to hold hands and sing Kum Bah Yah on skype. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

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