Who Is PG?

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PG is a Zorlack. This tribe of morphodidic questids migrated to earth, from the native planet of Thrunombulax. The time of this migration is not certain, as Zorlacks do not recognize earth based systems of measuring time.

The migration from Thrunombulax to Earth was an event of great trauma. There was an ecological catastrophe on Thrunombulax, similar to a nuclear war on Earth. The families that got out were privileged, and expect to be treated as though they were privileged characters.

Zorlacks have been the object of prejudice in every solar system and asteroid belt they have inhabited. On earth, the prejudice is fairly mild. Earth creatures are infamous in the universe for their hatred of each other. Zorlacks can fit in here without causing too much of a stir.

On Thrunombulax, there is no distinction between G-d and Man. The two are seen as part of the same continuum. The Zorlacks are amused by the belief systems that make this distinction. Some Earth people like to think that their religious ideas are universal. This is a source of derision in galaxies and black holes alike.

PG and the author of Chamblee54 are not certain how they met. The author suspects that he may indeed be a Zorlack, but the idea is too awful to contemplate. His friends are used to his ranting, and just accept it as the way he is.

The human race could learn much from the Zorlacks. The mere fact of their transportation from a planet forty four light years away, to land on the green Earth, is a source of wonder. Green is similar to a Zorlack color that is identified with untreated waste. Thrunombulax is a color and texture close to the Sun. The Zorlacks that tried to land on the Sun got a rude surprise.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.
This is written like Arthur Clarke.

Trash Politics In Brookhaven District 2

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On election day, the Mayor and City Council of Brookhaven will be elected. The new city was approved after a toxic referendum in July. After the vote, PG was disgusted by the gutter tactics of the supporters of the new city. A mailer received today brings those same repulsive tactics into the District 2 City Council race.

The mailer that offended PG was sent by “Start Brookhaven Right, Inc”. The group uses the UPS Store on Ashford Dunwoody Road as a return address. It is produced in the visual style of Rosetta Stone Communications, and looks a great deal like a mailer from Russell Mitchell.

One side of the mailer is the words “Brookhaven is a “Cancer”, in Olde English letters, on a firetruck red background. The quote is credited to Jim Eyre Mr. Eyre is an opponent of Russell Mitchell in the District 2 City Council race. (Larry Hurst is the third candidate.) No context is given for the headline quote. The other side of the mailer says that Jim Eyre is an ally of DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis. Mr. Eyre is the only City Council candidate mentioned in the flyer.

This is similar to the tactics Brookhaven Yes/Brookhaven Ballot Committee used in support of the new city. There was a hint of race baiting, with subtle reminders that a majority white community was trying to break away from a majority black county government. This sort of mudslinging personal attack politics alienated PG during the campaign leading up to the referendum. It makes Mr. Mitchell look bad. If you are going to attack someone, you should sign your name.

PG sent an email to Russell Mitchell. (

I received today a mailer from “Start Brookhaven Right”. The ad was very similar to a mailer I received from “Friends of Russell Mitchell”. The mailer received today has a quote from your opponent…”Brookhaven is a cancer”. The other side says that Mr. Eyre is an ally of Burrell Ellis.
This is objectionable for several reasons.
1- The mailer was sent by an anonymous committee. This plausible deniability might convince some people, but I am not fooled.
2- This is similar to the toxic tactics used by Brookhaven Yes/Brookhaven Ballot committee in their effort to get the new city approved. This campaign alienated me, and made me want no part of this current campaign. The new city is getting off to a rotten start.
3- Both my parents died of cancer.
You left a post it note on my door saying “Please let me know how I can earn your vote” It is easy. Repudiate “Start Brookhaven Right”. Have a clean campaign. Quit sending trash mailers.

This was written like David Foster Wallace. Historic pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Tasteful Stories

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The Memory Palace is a source of entertainment. The stories are based on history, and are likely to be true. Maybe they are plugged into The Akashic Record, the eternal archive of everything ever said and done. One such story is about Guglielmo Marconi, credited with inventing radio. Mr. Marconi was a believer that everything ever said still exists.

The front page of TMP has a bit of text about helping out. They are always happy to receive contributions. “Spread the word. Tell a friend. Tell all of your friends. Tell your weird uncle. Tweet about the podcast. Use ___________ (insert other social media site) to ____________ (insert social media site-related verb) about it. Blog about it. Write articles about it. Interview me. Whatever. “

In 1915, after the Titanic, laws were passed requiring sufficient lifeboats. A boat on Lake Michigan was retrofitted with these life saving facilities. The only problem was, the boat was not designed to have the extra weight on the top deck. It capsized, and over eight hundred people drowned.

Jenny Lind was the vocal superstar of her era. Today, she is lost to history. None of her performances were recorded, because records had not been invented. Another forgotten star is Sarah Bernhardt. Tom Waits tells a story about her. Late in her career, she had a leg amputated. P.T. Barnum got the leg, put it in formaldehyde, and displayed it. The leg made more money than Sarah Bernhardt did.

Perhaps the most tasteful of the stories is about Lewis Keseberg. By all accounts, he was a drunk with a nasty temper. This does not mean that he was a cannibal.
Mr. Keseberg was going to California in 1847. The wagon train got stuck in the mountains. When Mr. Keseberg was rescued, the story spread that he had killed, and then eaten, Tamsen Donner. This reputation made the rest of his life difficult.

While PG was listening to these stories, a remarkable collection was coming to live in his computer. The pictures were from the Farm Security Administration collection, at The Library of Congress.

Many of these images were cropped to 161:100 ratio. This is known as the golden rectangle. “Do we surround ourselves with the Golden Ratio because we find it aesthetically pleasing, or de we find it aesthetically pleasing because we are surrounded by it?”

The photographs were taken in October, 1941, by John Collier. A typical caption is French-Canadian stevedores. Oswego, New York. These men unloaded cargo at a port on Lake Ontario.

The term stevedore is seldom heard today. PG read it in Mad magazine as a kid, and has not seen it since. Container ships have made the job all but obsolete. The always tasteful Urban Dictionary adds:

“Literally “one who stuffs”. Originally referred to longshoremen or cargo workers in the maritime industry since before the industrial revolution. Nowadays in common usage it describes someone who swears profusely or who garners a lot of poon tang.”

The Electoral College Is Broken

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The electoral college method of electing the President is broken, and needs to be fixed. This problem has been around since the constitution was written. It hurt America badly in 2000, when the man who won the popular vote was denied the Presidency on a technicality.

There have been few calls for electoral reform since the 2000 election, even from the Democrats who were robbed. It is almost as if the two parties don’t really compete, but pretend to fight each other, knowing that soon it will be the other guys turn to rule. The thieves who run our political system are used to playing the electoral college game, and would have to have an honest election if the race was decided by popular vote.

In Georgia, it is known that the Republicans will get the states votes. If you vote for a democrat, your vote in Georgia won’t make a difference in Ohio. The electoral college system takes the Presidential vote away from Georgia citizens.

The reform of this system does not have to be complicated. The constitution calls for the voters to select electors, who will vote on the President. The winner-take-all plan is a perversion of the original plan. The customs can be changed just as easily, probably without a constitutional amendment.

Here is a plan. Elect one elector for each congressional district. Give each state two electors based on the statewide vote. There will be districts where one party always wins, and that is regretable. There will probably be fewer people disenfranchised this way that under the present system of state by state, winner takes all.

Pictures tonight are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

The Fox Sisters

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It is Halloween Sunday. A storm is fixin’ to hit New York. The Falcons are playing the Philadelphia Eagles, with Mike Vick at quarterback. Number seven was the most exciting athlete in recent memory. He went to prison for dog fighting.

The story today is borrowed from Backstory. The same story is told, in greater detail, at The Memory Palace. Both of these fine podcasts enjoy receiving contributions from grateful listeners.

The pictures are from The Library of Congress. Some of these pictures are from Clarksdale MS. This is where Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul to the devil. The pictures were taken in 1936, two years before the death of Mr. Johnson.

People said the house was haunted and that was even before the two girls started talking to the dead. Kate Fox was 11, her sister Margaret was 14 when they moved into a little house in a nothing village 40 miles east of Rochester, New York, the little house that all their neighbors knew as the one where the traveling salesman had been invited in years before and was never heard from again. Never heard from, that is, until one night in March of 1848, when their parents first heard the sounds. Some nights it would sound like knocking. Other nights like furniture moving and it always seemed to come from the girls’ bedroom but they’d open the door and their daughters would be fast asleep. They never suspected that their daughters could be tricking them. They were just young girls, but they were tricking them. What started with a little tap tapping on the wall and tip-toeing back into bed with giggles muffled by pillows got more sophisticated as the nights went on and on the night of March 31st, the Fox sisters revealed the latest in their growing repertoire of ghost-simulating techniques, the one that would place the two girls at the center of a cultural and religious revolution.

They called their mother into the room. Margaret snapped her fingers once—snap–and they heard a tap in response. She snapped twice—snap snap—and then tapped twice—knock knock. The next night all of their neighbor squeezed into the girls’ candlelit room. They explained that one tap meant yes, two taps meant no and then they started asking questions and in the morning, the audience left convinced that they had spent the night in the presence of a dead man and two girls with incredible powers.

Mr. and Mrs. Fox wanted to protect their daughters and they sent them to live with their responsible older sister, Leah, but they soon found that the ghosts followed the girls and Leah found an opportunity. Soon, she had booked her little sisters in a 400-seat theater in Rochester. By 1850, they were the toast of New York City. People would wait in lines for hours to ask the sisters for words of their dead loved ones on the other side.

William Cullen Bryant caught their act. James Fenimore Cooper. George Ripley, though we don’t know whether he believed it or not. The newspaperman, Horace Greeley, introduced them to New York nightlife and in the pages of his paper, introduced them to the world. Soon people were holding séances like we hold dinner parties but even as spiritualism was sweeping the nation, it was leaving the sisters who started it behind.

On October 21st, 1888, a 54-year-old Margaret Fox sat on the stage at the New York Academy of Music in front of two thousand paying customers and showed them all how she spoke to the dead. She told them about how 40 years before back in that little house in the nothing town after a few nights of knocking and tip-toeing back to bed, she and her little sister realized that they could both crack their toes and no one could see them doing it and that when they did, people actually believed they were hearing from dead people, because sounds are hard to place in space and because you’ll believe pretty much anything if you really want to believe it. She revealed all of that but not everything.

She didn’t tell them about how she and her little sister started to unravel not long after Horace Greeley introduced them to the world and to worldly things like power and wealth and wine. She didn’t tell them about how her sister began to believe that maybe there was something to it all, even as they both struggled under the growing weight of their shared secret and she certainly didn’t tell them about the night she tested her own believed after scurvy had taken the life of a Polar explorer who had taken her heart and how she broke down and tried to contact him, tried to do for real what she had spent the last nine years pretending to do. She didn’t say how she called out to him and how he didn’t call back and how she sat in the dark knowing that he never would.

Kate and Margaret Fox weren’t forgotten, but at the times of their deaths, they weren’t remembered fondly. Each died poor, neither living to see 60. The people who still clung to spiritualism were glad to see them go and people who never believed, they were, too.

Now, there is a postscript here that really can’t be resisted and you can do with what you will. They tore that little house down in 1904. Inside one of the walls near the girls’ room they found the skeleton of a man believed to be a traveling salesman who appeared to have been murdered a few years before the Fox family moved in. It’s true.

The AP Race Study

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The first link was from the Washington Post. The AP story is coming to a media outlet near you. The headline is AP poll: A slight majority of Americans are now expressing negative view of Blacks.

There are so many windows in that glass house. This is a 3-S problem: sampling, semantics, statistics. It is said that people will believe anything you say, if you can trot out a study that agrees with you. This *matter* requires a bit of examination.

AP reports “The explicit racism measures asked respondents whether they agreed or disagreed with a series of statements about Black and Hispanic people. In addition, the surveys asked how well respondents thought certain words, such as “friendly,” ‘’hardworking,” ‘’violent” and “lazy,” described Blacks, whites and Hispanics.

The same respondents were also administered a survey designed to measure implicit racism, in which a photo of a Black, Hispanic or white male flashed on the screen before a neutral image of a Chinese character. The respondents were then asked to rate their feelings toward the Chinese character. Previous research has shown that people transfer their feelings about the photo onto the character, allowing researchers to measure racist feelings even if a respondent does not acknowledge them.”

The AP article has a link to a 34 page report about the study. The “implicit” questions using Chinese characters were not discussed in this report. The first 12 pages are mostly about the November election.

Page 13 has a bizarre bit of data. The 2010 answers will be on the left, followed by a dash, with the 2012 percentage on the right. For Mitt Romney, only 2012 results are available. This is weird, and it calls the overall accuracy of the study into question.

IMG4. Do you happen to know the religion of each of the following people? If you don’t know, you can mark that too. Barack Obama Protestant 26-28, Catholic 4-5, Mormon 0-0, Jewish 0-18, Muslim 17-10, Some other religion 8-2, No religion 2-35, Don’t Know 41-2, Refused/not answered 1-28 Mitt Romney Protestant 2, Catholic 2, Mormon 67, Jewish 0, Muslim 0, Some other religion 1, No religion 0, Don’t Know 26, Refused/not answered 2.

There are two more pages of questions about the election, and then the race questions start. RAC7. How much do you like or dislike each of the following groups? The possible answers are Like a great deal, Like a moderate amount, Like a little, Neither like nor dislike, Dislike a little, Dislike a moderate amount, Dislike a great deal, Refused/Not answered. Whites went first, followed by Blacks and Hispanics. (The term African Americans was not seen by this reporter.)

After some more election questions, we get another race question. RAC8. When it comes to politics, would you say that each of the groups listed below has too much influence, just about the right amount of influence, or to little influence? The question was repeated for, in this order, Whites, Blacks, Elderly people, Wealthy people, Hispanics, and Immigrants.

The next question is RAC11, one of the “explicit” questions. It was asked first about Blacks, then Whites, then Hispanics. How well does each of these words describe most _____? The words were friendly, determined to succeed, law abiding, hard working, intelligent at school, smart at everyday things, good neighbors, dependable, keep up their property, violent, boastful, complaining, lazy, irresponsible.

Lets take a time out, and say a couple of things. This is a long article, and may get your blood pressure upset. If you want to skip the rest of the text, and look at the pictures, that is all right. If you want to see the results for these questions, look at this report. If you have read this far, you might agree with the author that this survey was not exactly fair, and should not be taken very seriously. Take another look at how many people think Barack Obama is a Jew.

RAC12. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements. The choices are: Strongly disagree, Somewhat disagree, Neither agree nor disagree, Somewhat agree, Strongly agree, Refused/Not answered. The statements are:
* Irish, Italians, Jewish, and other minorities overcame prejudice and worked their way up.
* Blacks should do the same without special favors
* It’s really a matter of some people just not trying hard enough; if Blacks would only try harder, they could just be as well off as whites
* Generations of slavery have created conditions that make it difficult for Blacks to work their way out of the lower class
* Blacks are demanding too much from the rest of society
* Over the past few years, Blacks have gotten LESS than they deserve
* Most Blacks who receive money from welfare programs could get along without it if they tried
Government officials usually pay less attention to a request or complaint from a Black person than from a white person
* Over the past few years, Blacks have gotten more ECONOMICALLY than they deserve

RAC13. Some people say that Black leaders have been trying to push too fast. Others feel that they haven’t pushed fast enough. What do you think?

RAC14. How much of the racial tension that exists in the United States today do you think ______ are responsible for creating? This was asked first about Blacks, then Whites, then Hispanics.

RAC15. How much discrimination against ______ do you feel there is in the United States today, limiting their chances to get ahead? The possible answers were A lot, Some, Just a little, None at all, Refused/Not answered. This was asked about, in this order, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Men, Women, Evangelical Christians, and Immigrants.

The questions shift back to Barack Obama at this point. BKS1. How similar do you think Barack Obama is to most Black Americans? BTH1. Where was Barack Obama born, as far as you know? On page 29, the demographic information section starts. Special emphasis is given to the religion of the respondent.  On page 33, the traditional demographics are covered: age, gender, education, race, census region, and marital status. The respondents were not asked about income.

The poll was taken by GFK. 1,071 adults were interviewed, August 30 – September 11, 2012. The survey was conducted online. “METHODOLOGY The survey was conducted using the web-enabled KnowledgePanel®, a probability-based panel designed to be representative of the U.S. population. Initially, participants are chosen scientifically by a random selection of telephone numbers and residential addresses. Persons in selected households are then invited by telephone or by mail to participate in the web-enabled KnowledgePanel®. For those who agree to participate, but do not already have Internet access, GfK provides at no cost a laptop and ISP connection. People who already have computers and Internet service are permitted to participate using their own equipment. Panelists then receive unique log-in information for accessing surveys online, and then are sent emails throughout each month inviting them to participate in research.”

People have been linking to the WP story on facebook, with a variety of comments. These comments probably say more about the commenter, than it does about race relations in America. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

UPDATE Page thirteen of the report has been updated. Apparently, the correct results show that 18% of respondents think BHO is a Muslim, with 0% thinking he is Jewish. HT to xdog.

Send This To All Of Your Friends

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The following is chain email. The message has been altered slightly. This reply was not sent out in less than an hour, so the beneficial effects may not kick in on schedule. It is hoped that the voluminous traffic at Chamblee54 will make up the difference. The pictures are from a variety of sources. Many are from an appearance by Sarah Palin in Atlanta. The speech was a rally for Karen Handel, who was running for Governor. Mrs. Handel became notorious later as a bungling executive at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For the Buckhead rally, Mrs. Handel wore a pink suit.

May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you..

OK, this is what you have to do…Send this to all of your friends! But – you HAVE to send this within 1 hour From when you open it! Now…………..Make A wish!!!!! I hope you made your wish! Now then, if you send to: 1 person — your wish will be granted in 1 year ~ 3 people — 6 months ~ 5 people — 3 months ~ 6 people — 1 month ~ 7 people — 2 weeks ~ 8 people — 1 week ~ 9 people — 5 days ~ 10 people — 3 days ~ 12 people – — 2 days ~ 15 people — 1 day ~ 20 people — 3 hours ~ If you delete this after you read it . You will have 1 year of bad luck! But .. If you send it to 2 of your friends you will automatically have 3 years of good luck!!! )

I had to forward this, my mom swears it works. The day after she sent it, they got an offer on their land on the Swannee river, they haven’t even seen that land since 1987. It came out of the blue. So you know that I’m going to try it. Love Kim ~ Not sure if this had anything to do with it but it was shortly after I sent this out – I got a call to say our bond was approved – against all odds. ~ I don’t know if it works but I won a new fridge full of various cool drinks from Beyer and Beyer last week. ~ I do not know if it works, but I won a microwave yesterday Seems like it Hey !! ~ I hope this works my son could use a really good job!!!!!!! ~ Good luck to everyone! And may all your dreams come true!! ~ This may sound nuts, but my husband got this the other day and sent it off. About 10 minutes later a really good financial windfall happened for his son Sean who he had sent it too as well. One of the people he sent it to was responsible for the windfall. ~ “Do or Do not. There is no try.” Yoda ~ “I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.” Albert Camus

No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG – Version: 9.0.930 / Virus Database: 2441.1.1/5296 – Release Date: 09/28/12 04:22:00 This message cannot be displayed because of the way it is formatted. Ask the sender to send it again using a different format or email program. multipart/mixed. This message cannot be displayed because of the way it is formatted. Ask the sender to send it again using a different format or email program. multipart/alternative. This was written like James Joyce.

You Must Give Up

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There was a tasteful graphic on facebook, 10 things you must give up to move forward. PG wanted the list in text form. Mr. Google was consulted, and a text source of the list appeared.

The hosting site had an ad for Romney-Ryan. “Obamacare is wrong and I’ll repeal it” – Mitt Romney 
A CLEAR CHOICE  CONTRIBUTE  Paid for by Romney Victory, Inc.

The google query got 90 million results. There are a lot of people who want to tell you how to live your life. This particular motivator then gives us, as his number one disposable. “1. Letting the opinions
of others control your life.”

The top result at Google was by the apparent author of the list, Marc Chernoff. He is a partner at a blog, Marc and Angel Hack Life. The motto is Practical Tips for Productive Living. There is a menu at the bottom of the page: Ads by Google, Positive Quotes, Quotes on Happiness, Life Quotes, Positive Thinking.

Marc and Angel are purveyors of commodity wisdom. The last five posts are 12 Things You Should Know for Sure, 30 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life, 9 Habits of Super Positive People, 10 Things Winners Do Differently, and 10 Ways to Break Your Own Heart. That is a total of 71 items. If you apply all of them today, you get a volume discount.

The home page today has the Romney Ryan ad below the first post. Other ads include “The November 14 day kindness challenge,” Trans Union credit monitoring, and a small business seminar. The most productive/conductive ad is a link to a facebook page, Charmin Vote 2012. Consumers are invited to cast a vote for either Charmin Ultra Soft, or Charmin Ultra Strong.

For those who came to Chamblee 54 looking for advice on how to run your life, So that nobody thinks their time has been wasted, here are 10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward
1. Letting the opinions of others control your life.
2. The shame of past failures.
3. Being indecisive about what you want.
4. Procrastinating on the goals that matter to you.
5. Choosing to do nothing.
6. Your need to be right.
7. Running from problems that should be fixed.
8. Making excuses rather than decisions.
9. Overlooking the positive points in your life.
10. Not appreciating the present moment.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Mick Jagger

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There was a book at the Chamblee Library, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger. The work is credited to a man named Christopher Anderson, who has a slew of best sellers to his credit. The copyright was issued to “Anderson Productions.”

When you write about Mickie, you have to post a few videos. One of the first to come up is “Waiting on a friend.” This was the first video that PG saw on MTV. One night in early 1982, PG rode his bike to an apartment on Buford Hiway to buy MDA. While he was there, a young companion of the salesman said hey watch this, music television. The video was a favorite that first winter of MTV, even though it wasn’t really that good.

Mick Jagger has been a part of many lives the last fifty years. The stones were conceded to be number two to the beatles, but stayed together longer. The era of rock concert as megaevent coincided with the reinvention of the stones, after the demise of Brian Jones. He did after all start the band. Mr. Jones had become too much of a druggie to be relied on, and was fired. The book says that Mr. Jones was drowned, by a construction worker.

Ok, we are three paragraphs in, and we have not discussed Mr. Jagger’s pecker. Most of the book is about this instrument of undetermined size. The book says Mick stuffed a sock in his pants before shows. Mick has screwed thousands of women, and more than a few men. Whether Mick is a top, or a bottom, is left to the imagination.

The phrase “fuck Mick Jagger” is seminal. One night, the B52s were playing at a toilet on Ponce De Leon Avenue called the Big Dipper. The venue was later torn down, the ground decontaminated, and an animal clinic built on it’s site. After the show, one of the girls (either Kate or Cindy, or maybe neither, since this story is possibly an urban legend) was hanging out in the parking lot. “Beulah” was running his mouth, as he liked to do, talking about his hero Mick Jagger. Finally, the B52girl had heard enough. “Fuck Mick Jagger, one day Mick Jagger will come see me.”

The book goes into excruciating detail about the stones story. Mick grew up middle class, and was close to his parents. He bit the end of his lip playing basketball, and sounded different. While going to the London School of Economics, he connected with Keith Richard, and found that they both liked Chuck Berry. The Glimmer Twins started to hang out together, and played a few gigs at a nightclub owned by Alexis Korner. (Mr. Korner opened for Humble Pie and Edgar Winter at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium. He was ignored by the festive pot smoking crowd.)

At this time, Mick had been introduced to sex by the other boys at his school. The first time with a woman was when Mick was an orderly at Bexley Mental Hospital. A nurse “yanked him into the linen closet where, surrounded by sheets, mops, and bedpans, Mick lost his virginity standing up”.

At some point Brian Jones came into the picture. Mick moved into a flat with Brian and Keith, and lived in picturesque squalor. At some point Mick and Brian bumped gooberheads, which left Mick confused. It is not known whether the lads could afford drugs at this point.

The story goes on and on. There are ugly moments, pretty moments, good songs written, lots of drugs, lots of sex. As Mick said in “Shattered,” “sex and sex and sex and sex and sex and sex and sex.” A few begin to wonder if he is capable of a one on one relationship, but their opinions don’t count.

One afternoon in 1978, PG was driving a truck in Decatur. He worked for a lady who did sampling projects, which means giving out samples to consumers. The product this time was Playtex Plus deodorant tampons. The truck was the rag wagon. There was an announcement on the last am rock and roll station in Atlanta. The stones were going to play the Fox Theater, and tickets were on sale now. The signal of the am station faded out at this point, with a gospel station preacher blocking out the rock and roll announcement. PG did not hear the location of the ticket sales. It turns out the tickets went on sale at the box office of the Municipal Auditorium, which was two blocks away from the rental facility the rag wagon was being returned to that afternoon. Such is life.

In 1991, PG was walking to work and noticed an army of movie trucks. Mr. Jagger was appearing in a film, “Free Jack.” PG saw a scene filmed from his perch in the Healey Building, and stood behind a chair with the name “Mick Jagger” stenciled on. There were reports of a van rocking in Cabbagetown. On January 12, 1992, Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger was born.

Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger is not a bad book. It is easy to read, and does not skimp on slime. The phrase “cringe inducing” is used several times, which may be the result of a focus group. It is not worth $27.00, or $29.99 Canadian. The publisher is Simon&Schuster. The dalliance between Mr. Jagger and Carly Simon is dutifully noted. The spell check suggestions for Schuster are Schumpeter, Custer, and Chester.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This was written like David Foster Wallace.

Something G-d Intended To Happen

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In truckdriver code, ten twenty four means you don’t have any more stops to make. It is time to return to the base. What that means to a slack blogger, sitting in an outdoor office with nothing to say, is a good question. Maybe you just need to narrow your focus a bit.

There is a story in the first part of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. A writing teacher is trying to get a class to write, and he asks them to write about the coins in their pocket. This got no response, so he asked them to write about a penny. This got nowhere, so he asked them to write about the letters on the head side of the penny. This is what got the class into action. (This is close to the story in the book, but not an exact copy.)

There is no penny handy at the moment, but there is a nickel. Once, PG was in the kitchen of the Sea Haven Hostel, in Seattle WA. A gentleman, whose primary language was not english, asked PG “do you have a nig ga, a five cent piece?” PG did not have the requested coin, but he did tell the gentleman to be very, very careful how he said those two syllables.

The nickel is fatter than the other coins, and has a smooth edge. On the head side, there is a man with a ponytail, who we are led to believe is Thomas Jefferson. The third POTUS enjoys a good reputation in history, which would be rather surprising to some of the other “Founding Fathers”.

Arguably, Mr. Jefferson is not an FF. While he did transcribe the Declaration of Independence, he was in Europe during the Constitutional Convention. This is about the time when Mr. Jefferson first hooked up with Sally Hemings.

On the left side of the coin is the phrase IN G-D WE TRUST. It is in all caps, and the G word is spelled out. The ponytail man is looking at these words. The mouth is beside the space between G-D and WE. His nose is pointing at WE. (How typical of government to have it’s nose in the middle of WE.) The eye looks at the first T of trust.

On the wig side is the word LIBERTY, a five pointed star, 1998, and a capital D. The four digits are the date the coin was produced, and the D means it was coined in Denver. The star is in the middle, parallel to where the ear is covered by hair. The middle on the left side is the upper right serif of W. Perhaps the third POTUS is looking down his nose at W.

Having the innertubes on your writing machine is both a blessing and a curse. In the last few paragraphs, the browser corrected the spelling of Hemings, and confirmed the whereabouts of Mr. Jefferson during the Constitutional Convention. The down side is the loss of concentration. Facebook is a constant temptation. Today’s sensation is a Repub with the curious name of Mourdock.

The gentleman was pandering to the Repub obsession with abortion. The lips were moving, which is never a good sign for Republicansduring an election. “The only exception I have to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother,I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something God intended to happen.”

The sun is moving into a place where the light bouncing off the background is making the screen tough to see. Perhaps the work should go inside. Before it does, there should be a review of the Zen Motorcycle book. Don’t waste your money October 6, 2012 RichP I’ve been wanting to read this for years. I’m both a MC rider and a “child” of the 60’s and early 70’s. A harder reading bunch of crap I’ve never seen. Either write a true MC manual or true “this is my philosophy” book.

PG actually had his eyes on every word in “Zen” at some time in the early nineties. The story of the book is fairly easy to follow. When Mr. Pirsig starts to talk about Aristotle, Plato, and quality, it becomes incomprehensible. Maybe someday another try will be made. There is a library full of books that are more fun to read.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.
This was written like Gertrude Stein.

Rescue Michele Bachmann

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PG looked in his spam folder, and was amazed. Someone at Conservative Strikeforce thought a slack blogger was going to give money to Michele Bachmann. It is highly unlikely that PG will be giving money to the woman known affectionately as “Crazy Eyes”. However, some readers of this facility may be inclined to help out the much maligned congresswoman. Spelling was not corrected. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This was written like James Joyce.

Dear Patriot, Below please find a special message from one of our sponsors, Conservative Strikeforce. They have important information to share with you. Thank you. Please note that the following message reflects the opinion and representations of our sponsor alone, and not necessarily the opinion of Conservative Insider. Michele Bachmann’s race is uncomfortably close. So, last week we decided to launch an emergency effort to save this superstar conservative Congresswoman. Unfortunately, we came up $16,750 short of what we need to raise in order to pay for this rescue effort. Michele desperately needs our help. NOW. Please make an emergency donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford to help Conservative Strike Force PAC pay for last minute mailings for Michele Bachmann.

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CSF’s mission is to identify and turn out conservative voters and counter the massive left-wing smear operation that’s been unleashed on Michele Bachmann. We need to remind Minnesota voters that Michele led the fight against ObamaCare (spell check suggestion:Macabre,) Obama’s failed stimulus plan and the Administration’s weak foreign policy that is getting Americans killed overseas. The conservative grassroots needs to get behind this pro-freedom superstar right now. Please donate what you can. We need to pay for this first round of calls and mailings right away, and we are already desperately behind schedule. Please, this is urgent. Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats are openly bragging about all the money they are spending to smear our Congressional candidates. And many conservative activists are paying more attention to the Presidential race and the fight for control over the Senate than to what’s happening in the House. I certainly understand that. However, we can’t overlook races like Michele Bachmann’s. This is a clash between a national conservative leader who is despised by the liberal media and a super-wealthy leftist who will say and do anything to grab a seat in Congress. And it’s being waged in a militantly blue state that Barack Obama will win by a huge margin! Additionally, Michele Bachmann is practically fighting this battle all by herself. Very few groups outside of Minnesota are helping her. Michele Bachman is battling all alone, behind enemy lines, and against an opponent with practically unlimited resources and who has no scruples whatsoever.

Frankly, it’s amazing that she isn’t five or ten points behind right now. She is being PUMMELED by the liberals. However, Michele is hanging in there and fighting like crazy. She just needs some help. That’s why Conservative Strike Force PAC must get into this fight. And to do that I need your help. Right now. Please make an online contribution to help Michele Bachmann. I absolutely must raise this $16,750 today. If I can’t raise this money, we can’t help Michele. It’s just that simple. After all Michele Bachman has done for the conservative movement, we can’t leave her behind and simply hope she finds a way to survive this onslaught. We just can’t. She deserves our help. Please donate whatever you can. Thank you. For America, Dennis Whitfield Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC

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Migrant Mother

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It is perhaps the most famous photograph from the depression. . The semi official title is Migrant Mother. The Library of Congress says “Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California.” The exact date is unknown, and was either February or March of 1936. The photographer was Dorothea Lange (pronounced dore-THEE-ah lang). The model was Florence Owens Thompson .

Ms. Lange was born Dorothea Margaretta Nutzhorn May 26, 1895 in Hoboken, N.J. When she was seven she had polio, and when she was twelve her father left. Both events affected her deeply. (Lange is her mother’s maiden name, chosen for use after the father left.) She became a photographer, and had a successful studio in San Francisco. By 1936 she was with her second husband, her sons were in boarding school, and she went to work for the Farm Security Administration.

The Farm Security Administration hired a number of photographers to document the lives of Americans between 1934 and 1944. (During part of this time, it was connected to the Office of War Information, and the Resettlement Administration.) Since they were working for the government, the photographers were not entitled to copyright protection. The majority of these pictures are in the public domain, including the famous pictures of Florence Thompson.

This feature started with a google search for the correct way to pronounce Dorothea Lange. (Readers of this blog have seen the fondness for Library of Congress historic pictures. Ms. Lange is one of their stars.) This search led to a teacher’s guide from Yale University. This guide is about Dorothea Lange and the Migrant Mother. It tells the story as well as PG could. Bless his pea picking heart.

The day that Dorothea Lange photographed what would become her most famous photograph, Migrant Mother, has been retold by Lange in numerous sources. She was on her way home from a trip documenting the living and working conditions of the migrants to California. She followed their schedules, getting up at sunup and working until sundown, which made for long, sixteen-hour days. She was tired, and she was ready to see her family.

With about seven hours of driving left ahead of her, she passed a homemade sign that said Pea Pickers’ Camp. She knew that a late frost had ruined the pea crop, and was concerned about the people who might be at the camp. It nagged at her to turn around, to go back and visit the camp, another opportunity to document. About 15 minutes (20 miles) later, Lange did turn around.

Right away she saw the woman who would be the subject of Migrant Mother. Some sources say she took 5 shots, but she really took 6; in any case each shot focuses in on the woman a little more, and the final shot is the one that would become the “timeless and universal symbol of suffering in the face of adversity “
(The Library of Congress only has five of the shots.)
Early the morning after she got home, instead of spending time with her family Lange rushed to develop the photographs and submit them to the FSA and The San Francisco News. She thought that these photographs could help bring attention to the plight of these American migrant farmers. She was right; the story was printed in newspapers around the country, and the federal government immediately sent 20,000 pounds of food….
(The Thompson family had left for Watsonville by the time the food arrived)
The Dust Bowl refugees were of European descent, and were migrating to California because they were displaced from their farmland by drought. Florence Owens Thompson, though from Oklahoma, was a full-blooded Native American, and her family had been displaced from tribal lands by the U.S. government. (By 1930, Native Americans had lost more than 80% of their lands this way).

The day Lange photographed Thompson, she and her family were driving towards Watsonville, hoping to pick lettuce in the Pajaro Valley. The timing chain on their car broke just outside Nipomo, and so they pulled into the pea -pickers camp to fix it. While fixing the chain, the radiator was punctured; Thompson’s two boys (and likely her male companion)
(Wikipedia says it was husband Jim Hill) brought the radiator into town to be fixed. While they were gone, Lange arrived…
The choices Lange made in terms of shooting the scene are very telling in light of our discussion about documentary photography. Most strikingly, the woman’s teenaged daughter is purposefully excluded from the photograph. She appears in the first two photographs of the series, but Lange thought that including her would cause the viewer to speculate about how old the mother was when she began having children (Curtis p. 55). At the time, the ideal family contained no more than three children; this woman’s family of seven could have detracted from the matter at hand, and maybe caused people to feel less sympathetic towards her (Curtis p. 52).

In the third shot, all you see is the mother nursing her youngest child. Migrant Mother is often referred to as Migrant Madonna… Lange thought that her subject looked too anxious and uncomfortable with the camera, as Lange seemed to have triggered in her what she called “that self-protective thing” (Curtis p. 57). So, despite being uncomfortable with how unpredictable children were to photograph, to calm the mother she added one of the children back into the frame for the fourth shot. She had the child rest her chin on her mother’s shoulder, which, though somewhat unnatural, served the purpose of anchoring the child still. She was also asked to remove her hat, which would have obscured her facial features. This resulted in a good photograph. Lange “thought she could do better.”

The fifth shot was the same, but from a different angle, which illuminates an empty pie tin, heavily symbolic of the hunger the family was facing. It also highlighted a warm and loving relationship between mother and child, as the child is leaning lovingly on the mother’s shoulder, which is comforting to the child.

For the sixth and final shot,
(the one which became famous) Lange brought another child in, but she had both children face away from the camera, so that her shot would not be jeopardized by their unpredictability, and they would serve as a loving frame for the mother. Lange asked the mother to bring her right hand up to her face, and that resulted in exactly what Lange wanted and knew was there (Curtis p. 65). It softened her anxiety about the camera into a mother’s concern for the welfare of her family. The mother was worried about letting her sleeping child slip, so in the original sixth shot you could see her thumb grasped around the pole for support. In her excitement Lange did not see it. She eventually altered the original photonegative because she “did not want a small detail to mar the accomplishment (of overcoming her subject’s defensiveness) (Curtis p. 67).”
In this feature, the second image from the session is missing. The pictures in this feature are as follows. 1- The famous picture, cropped. 2- The first shot from the session. 3- A detail from the first shot. 4- The Migrant Madonna. 5- Child on the shoulder. 6- Child on the shoulder #2. 7. The full length famous picture. 8- A portrait of Dorothea Lange. 9- Another photograph by Ms. Lange, taken on the California-Arizona border in the summer of 1936. 10- The information from the famous picture. 11- The famous picture with the thumb included. This is a repost.

Repost Notes This was on a list of posts that could be repeated. Of course, there are usually improvements to be made. Youtube was searched, and some videos were found. One of them mispronounces Dorothea. A search for the correct pronounciation of that first name was how this post got started in 2010.

Looking at the pictures reveals a glitch in the famous picture. If you look in the part of her hair, you will see a gray stripe. This is a bit of damage to the negative, and is common to old photographs. Ordinarily, PG would paste over a spot like that, but this is a sacred photograph.

The files of the LOC were consulted, and a 115mg original was downloaded. The grey stripe was still in the part, which is where it will stay. The original has the thumb, which was taken out of the famous prints. It is included in this post, along with the information typed into the side.

A look at some of the other pictures taken that day show a grey spot in the part. Maybe it wasn’t a photo glitch. Raising seven children can give any woman a few gray hairs.

Another question is about Florence Thompson, the “Migrant Mother”. It was noted that she was a Native American. PG has decided that the expression “Native American” is the invention of European Import Americans, and is only marginally less offensive than Indian. There are hundreds of tribes in the Americas. A person is a member of a tribal nation. What tribe was Florence Thompson?

Mr. Google points us to this answer.
“Thompson, a “full-blooded” Cherokee, was born Florence Leona Christie on September 1, 1903, on the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. Her father, Jackson Christie, was an ex-convict who had abandoned the family before her birth. Her mother,Mary Jane Cobb, married Charles Akman, a Choctaw, in 1905, with whom she raised Thompson near Tahlequah OK”
Pictures are from The Library of Congress.