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A fbf posted a link: “I am a Community Activist. What kind of Social Advocate are you?” PG is a subtractvocate. The link refers to an online test from McKinsey & Company. It is adapted from a 2009 report, Activists, Pundits, and Quiet Followers: Engaging the public in social issues.

The first question is a statement. You have six choices, ranging from disagree strongly to agree strongly. “I would be willing to lead a public debate on a social issue I’m interested in.” That is as appealing as root canal without Novocaine. Strongly disagree. PG does not want to have to kill anyone.

The second statement is “We are in this world to help others no matter how far away we are.” This is an idea that sounds good, until you do the due dilgence. Many people who try to help you help others are either incompetent or crooked. There is also the “are in this world” riff. Human beings are animals, with the goal of surviving long enough to continue the species. Disagree.

The same six options are available for all ten statements. This probably makes for easy number crunching when the survey is complete. It does not allow for nuanced answers. Here are the other eight statements, and the PG score.

I am most interested in issues that have affected me at a personal level.
It is my responsibility to find ways to help others who haven’t had the opportunities I’ve had.
When it comes to issues I care about, I won’t hesitate to take the lead.
I only engage in conversations about social issues with people I already know.
I concentrate my energy in helping my local community first.
I am very careful when choosing who I talk to about social issues.
I prefer to support social issues from home (e.g., blogging, emailing) instead of at public events.
There is not much that someone like me can do to help solve issues like world hunger or poverty.

The quiz statements are very fond of first person. Eight of the ten statements contain the word “I”, or verb contractions starting with “I”. One of the non I sentences uses the word “me”. The other non I sentence uses “we” twice.

Congratulations, you are a: Defender. This was written like David Foster Wallace

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