District 81 Meet And Greet

Posted in Politics by chamblee54 on October 21, 2012

PG used a warm Sunday afternoon to walk to a neighbor’s house and meet Scott Holcomb. He is the Democratic candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives, district 81. The districts have been redrawn, with Mr. Holcomb in the same district as the 81st incumbent, Elena Parent. With a new job as Executive Director of Georgia Watch, Ms. Parent decided to leave the legislature. She was the hostess of the meet and greet.

There were only a handful of people at the event. PG got to talk to the candidate right away. Georgia is falling behind the rest of the south because we are not spending enough on education. There are no easy solutions to the water crisis.

After a few minutes with the candidate, PG headed to the snack table. Mr. Holcomb’s chief of staff, Ann Abramowitz, was standing there. Campaign mailers were discussed. It seems as though a company called Rosetta Stone Communications is producing cookie cutter mailers for the bad guys. “Rosetta Stone’s auto-calling programs are the most cost-effective way to reach your voters. The cost is minimal compared to other forms of communication, and the effectiveness is total.”

There was a bit of controversy about a video from Mr. Holcomb’s opponent, involving being able to perform on drug screens. PG took a bottle of water, and asked Mr. Holcomb if he wanted this. Mr. Holcomb eagerly accepted. PG observed that you never knew when you were going get drug tested. Mr. Holcomb then got the joke.

After a few minutes, the crowd went onto the back porch. Ms. Parent introduced the candidate. Supposedly, Mr. Holcomb reads every bill that is introduced before the legislature. No signs of brain damage were evident Sunday.

After the intro, Mr. Holcomb spoke for a few minutes, and took a few questions. Among the points that were raised were: The Republicans would like to get a super majority in the legislature. This will not be good for the state. ~ Private school vouchers are not a very good idea, and probably will not happen. ~ Climate change is probably real. We need to support alternative sources of energy. ~ More attention needs to be paid to ethics in the legislature. ~ The attack video made by the opponent went too far.

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