Rescue Michele Bachmann

Posted in Politics by chamblee54 on October 23, 2012

PG looked in his spam folder, and was amazed. Someone at Conservative Strikeforce thought a slack blogger was going to give money to Michele Bachmann. It is highly unlikely that PG will be giving money to the woman known affectionately as “Crazy Eyes”. However, some readers of this facility may be inclined to help out the much maligned congresswoman. Spelling was not corrected. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This was written like James Joyce.

Dear Patriot, Below please find a special message from one of our sponsors, Conservative Strikeforce. They have important information to share with you. Thank you. Please note that the following message reflects the opinion and representations of our sponsor alone, and not necessarily the opinion of Conservative Insider. Michele Bachmann’s race is uncomfortably close. So, last week we decided to launch an emergency effort to save this superstar conservative Congresswoman. Unfortunately, we came up $16,750 short of what we need to raise in order to pay for this rescue effort. Michele desperately needs our help. NOW. Please make an emergency donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford to help Conservative Strike Force PAC pay for last minute mailings for Michele Bachmann.

We absolutely must raise this $16,750 today! Michele’s opponent is spending his huge personal fortune on thousands of scandalous attack ads. He’s blasting her day and night. Michele Bachmann is under siege. And, according to the polling, these waves of negative commercials are taking their toll. Michelle Bachmann is in serious trouble. Despite the fact that she’s an incredible campaigner, she could lose. Please make the most generous contribution you possibly can right now. We have to make up for this $16,750 shortfall and get into this fight immediately.

CSF’s mission is to identify and turn out conservative voters and counter the massive left-wing smear operation that’s been unleashed on Michele Bachmann. We need to remind Minnesota voters that Michele led the fight against ObamaCare (spell check suggestion:Macabre,) Obama’s failed stimulus plan and the Administration’s weak foreign policy that is getting Americans killed overseas. The conservative grassroots needs to get behind this pro-freedom superstar right now. Please donate what you can. We need to pay for this first round of calls and mailings right away, and we are already desperately behind schedule. Please, this is urgent. Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats are openly bragging about all the money they are spending to smear our Congressional candidates. And many conservative activists are paying more attention to the Presidential race and the fight for control over the Senate than to what’s happening in the House. I certainly understand that. However, we can’t overlook races like Michele Bachmann’s. This is a clash between a national conservative leader who is despised by the liberal media and a super-wealthy leftist who will say and do anything to grab a seat in Congress. And it’s being waged in a militantly blue state that Barack Obama will win by a huge margin! Additionally, Michele Bachmann is practically fighting this battle all by herself. Very few groups outside of Minnesota are helping her. Michele Bachman is battling all alone, behind enemy lines, and against an opponent with practically unlimited resources and who has no scruples whatsoever.

Frankly, it’s amazing that she isn’t five or ten points behind right now. She is being PUMMELED by the liberals. However, Michele is hanging in there and fighting like crazy. She just needs some help. That’s why Conservative Strike Force PAC must get into this fight. And to do that I need your help. Right now. Please make an online contribution to help Michele Bachmann. I absolutely must raise this $16,750 today. If I can’t raise this money, we can’t help Michele. It’s just that simple. After all Michele Bachman has done for the conservative movement, we can’t leave her behind and simply hope she finds a way to survive this onslaught. We just can’t. She deserves our help. Please donate whatever you can. Thank you. For America, Dennis Whitfield Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC

Paid for by the Conservative Strikeforce PAC. Scott Mackenzie, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee. Contributions are not deductable as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Strike Force is a federally registered Political Action Committee created to assist conservatives in their campaigns across the country. We are not raising funds in conjunction with any campaign. All contributions will be used by Strike Force for direct candidate contributions, independent expenditures and Get Out The Vote activities in strict compliance with any and all campaign finance laws. Our mission is to assist conservative candidates who are under assault by the liberal attack machine.

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