The Electoral College Is Broken

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 29, 2012

The electoral college method of electing the President is broken, and needs to be fixed. This problem has been around since the constitution was written. It hurt America badly in 2000, when the man who won the popular vote was denied the Presidency on a technicality.

There have been few calls for electoral reform since the 2000 election, even from the Democrats who were robbed. It is almost as if the two parties don’t really compete, but pretend to fight each other, knowing that soon it will be the other guys turn to rule. The thieves who run our political system are used to playing the electoral college game, and would have to have an honest election if the race was decided by popular vote.

In Georgia, it is known that the Republicans will get the states votes. If you vote for a democrat, your vote in Georgia won’t make a difference in Ohio. The electoral college system takes the Presidential vote away from Georgia citizens.

The reform of this system does not have to be complicated. The constitution calls for the voters to select electors, who will vote on the President. The winner-take-all plan is a perversion of the original plan. The customs can be changed just as easily, probably without a constitutional amendment.

Here is a plan. Elect one elector for each congressional district. Give each state two electors based on the statewide vote. There will be districts where one party always wins, and that is regretable. There will probably be fewer people disenfranchised this way that under the present system of state by state, winner takes all.

Pictures tonight are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

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