Trash Politics In Brookhaven District 2

Posted in Politics by chamblee54 on October 30, 2012

On election day, the Mayor and City Council of Brookhaven will be elected. The new city was approved after a toxic referendum in July. After the vote, PG was disgusted by the gutter tactics of the supporters of the new city. A mailer received today brings those same repulsive tactics into the District 2 City Council race.

The mailer that offended PG was sent by “Start Brookhaven Right, Inc”. The group uses the UPS Store on Ashford Dunwoody Road as a return address. It is produced in the visual style of Rosetta Stone Communications, and looks a great deal like a mailer from Russell Mitchell.

One side of the mailer is the words “Brookhaven is a “Cancer”, in Olde English letters, on a firetruck red background. The quote is credited to Jim Eyre Mr. Eyre is an opponent of Russell Mitchell in the District 2 City Council race. (Larry Hurst is the third candidate.) No context is given for the headline quote. The other side of the mailer says that Jim Eyre is an ally of DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis. Mr. Eyre is the only City Council candidate mentioned in the flyer.

This is similar to the tactics Brookhaven Yes/Brookhaven Ballot Committee used in support of the new city. There was a hint of race baiting, with subtle reminders that a majority white community was trying to break away from a majority black county government. This sort of mudslinging personal attack politics alienated PG during the campaign leading up to the referendum. It makes Mr. Mitchell look bad. If you are going to attack someone, you should sign your name.

PG sent an email to Russell Mitchell. (

I received today a mailer from “Start Brookhaven Right”. The ad was very similar to a mailer I received from “Friends of Russell Mitchell”. The mailer received today has a quote from your opponent…”Brookhaven is a cancer”. The other side says that Mr. Eyre is an ally of Burrell Ellis.
This is objectionable for several reasons.
1- The mailer was sent by an anonymous committee. This plausible deniability might convince some people, but I am not fooled.
2- This is similar to the toxic tactics used by Brookhaven Yes/Brookhaven Ballot committee in their effort to get the new city approved. This campaign alienated me, and made me want no part of this current campaign. The new city is getting off to a rotten start.
3- Both my parents died of cancer.
You left a post it note on my door saying “Please let me know how I can earn your vote” It is easy. Repudiate “Start Brookhaven Right”. Have a clean campaign. Quit sending trash mailers.

This was written like David Foster Wallace. Historic pictures are from The Library of Congress.

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