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Posted in Religion, The Internet by chamblee54 on November 19, 2012

This stream of consciousness business is not working. It is not even fun to write, and probably less fun to read. WordPress has a gimmick today, Weekly Writing Challenge: Break the Ice. “This week, find five blogs you’ve never read before, and leave substantive comments on each of them. Many of you have blogrolls of your regular reads and subscribe to blogs you love, which is great. Now step outside that circle, and see if you can broaden it.” Under the post is a row of little pictures, representing bloggers who like this post. This is where this adventure will begin.

The first gravatar to get a hit is a smiley face. This is one step outside the comfort zone. The venue is The Other Category, and the top post, written November 13, is Being a Creator. The post is 1193 words about being a creative person, and how the world usually does not understand.

This is something PG relates to. Whenever PG mentions that he makes faux stained glass pictures, someone will say “do you sell them?” The concept of creating something because you enjoy doing it is lost on many people. The only thing that seems to get across is making money.

There was an interview once with a person who had a novel published. This is something PG cannot conceive of… to go beyond these tacky little 600 word blog droppings, and create a full length story. That is just the first step. You have to send it to publishers, and collect rejection letters. But this person did all of these things, while holding down a full time job. So what do people say to this person of achievement? “Are they going to make a movie of it?”

So PG reads this post, and relates to some of what is being said. The trouble is the use of “I”. First person singular is the shortest and stupidest word in the language. When the focus of the author is herself, there is not much room for a reader.

Thank you for saying these things. People who create are often not understood by the rest of humanity. If there is a criticism, it would be the abundant use of “I.”

One of the people leaving comments at “Creator” was author4u. The blog has a nice appearance, with photographs of a woman mixed in with text. The page is dotted with copyright warnings. PG read a short story in two parts, Angel.

The story is fun to read. The fact that it is preposterous is of no concern. A free lance writer is rude to someone, who turns out to be the owner of the company. The owner gets his revenge by acting out a punish-the-bad-little-girl scene. Fifty shades of maroon.

The next gravatar leads to Christopher De Voss. His tag line promises LIFE, HUMOR, AND ZOMBIES. The top story, written November 16, is The Finals Of The World Championship Uno Competition. Uno is a card game for people who don’t like cards. It is easy to pick up on, and can be fun. The last time PG played was at the home of someone named John Igo. This means that it was at least 24 years ago. There is no need to mention ego, or ogo, and canine resident Hugo was well behaved that night. Mr. Igo, who had a few screws loose, was talking about playing Uno in the army using “combat rules”. Whatever.

“Alright, the cards have been dealt, and a yellow number 5 has been reviled to start the round. Play begins with “The Butcher”, he looks at his hand in total concentration…after many minutes of senseless debate he plays a yellow 8. The crowd claps.” How do you revile a card? Yea, he probably meant reveal, and the spell check let one go by. Or maybe Revile is supposed to be relive, and we have to watch this horrible excuse for a reality show again.

The first commenter at the unofest was tales of a charm city chick. Dog owner and lover. Urbanite-Suburbanite. Music addict. Editor. Explorer. Wine enthusiast (Malbec, please). Orange Crush abuser. Anglophile. People watcher. My dream job? Writer, or a Tom Jones back up singer. Well, not Tom Jones now, but Tom Jones in the early ’70s…so let’s go with the writing thing. The top post was part two of something, and after the Angel experience that is not going to happen.

In fact, it is not going to happen at all with CCC. The only post PG read all the way through was her husband requirements, and how he needs to be tough during the zombie attack. But all is not lost. There is a story about a Another Skype Date, and there is a link to Maggie… and she isn’t a douche bag. The top story at Maggie’s place is about two kids who sneak into the fridge to steal ding dongs. With the recent euthanasia of the Hostess company, this is a timely feature.

There was a tacky party in the back yard once. That morning saw me at the Hostess thrift store, buying twenty four dollars worth of twinkies, ding dongs, and other stuff. As many chemicals as those critters had in them, they are probably still edible today. As were the ding dongs in this picture. Why would anyone keep that stuff in the fridge? Maybe you wanted to get the beer and the snacks in one handful.

This is turning out to be not so much fun. There are only so many aspiring writers with anything of interest to say. The last featured blogger today is I Fkkn Rokk. The top story at his venue is The New World Is Scaring The Shit Out Of Me.

It is good form to read the post before you leave a snarky comment. In this case, the post had a link to a previous post, which was about the something the shrink told the author. This post had an ad from Christian Mingle. The ad read “Jesus Christ is Lord. Christian and single? View photos of local Christian singles on Christian Mingle. Browse for Free>>

It was a lot of trouble learning how to read. It was even more trouble opening my eyes this morning. The only reason I did that was because there was a better chance of hitting the commode that way. If I had gone in the back yard, that would not have been necessary. I know you worked really hard on this post, so I read this before leaving a snarky comment. I followed the link to the story about boundaries. I did not browse the photos of local Christian singles at Christian Mingle.

Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

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  1. Christopher De Voss said, on November 19, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    It sounds like you shouldn’t leave your comfort zone at all. I don’t think you enjoyed your travels on the WordPress universe at all today. You kind of missed the point of the Weekly Writing Challenge, although thank god you corrected my misspelled word. I really like your use of random colors and underlining of sentences. Also your abbreviations and disjointed sentences make this a joy to read. Thank you for not spacing for paragraphs out and making them run into one long monotonous confusing read. Maybe you should stick to posting old random black and white photographs that don’t appear to have anything to do with anything at all. Thanks for stopping by my blog and my friend’s blogs.

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