Happy Urban Legend

Posted in Politics, Religion by chamblee54 on November 21, 2012

A facebook friend posted a commentary at three am. The entire piece would spoil the rythym of this post, so you can read it here. Authorship was credited to a man named Ben Stein. At some point in the affair, Mr. Stein says “Next confession: I am a Jew”.

Evidently, Mr. Stein was not happy about the “war on Christmas”. Every year, about this time, people huff and puff about the way people greet each other between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The “Merry Christmas” sayers are offended that everyone does not same the same words.

It used to be the holiday season was a time of celebration. If you wanted to go crazy about the christian legends, you could. If you wanted to shop until you drop, you were encouraged. If you wanted to eat, drink, and be merry, that was fine too. In fact, the original meaning of merry was drunk.

PG doesn’t mind people saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Super Solstice. It depends on what kind of soup you are offering. It should be meant as a friendly greeting, an expression of peace on earth, and good will to men. If saying Merry Christmas means that your way of celebrating is better than mine,  that leaves out the good will.

Mr. Stein, whoever he is, is entitled to his opinions. What is fun to watch here is the way people embellish the original commentary. Before long, “Billy Graham’s daughter” is running her PK mouth about what G-d was telling us after Hurricane Katrina. It was very similar to what she said about nine eleven. It has been viralized before, and probably will be again. (spell check suggestions: vitalized, liberalized, visualized, trivialized, federalized) These viral things never seem to go away.

PG made a comment about the FB post, and went out. Soon, there was another comment. “Sometimes it doesn’t matter when something was originally written or who modified it afterward, after all this is not court room testimony. This is especially true if the message has meaning. I guess if you can re-release a statement based on current events, and the statement remains applicable, then the statement is relevant. Wouldn’t we all like to say or write timeless dialog. Thanks for sharing it.”

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This is written like H. P. Lovecraft.

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