From Bad To Hearst

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 23, 2012

There is a delightful rantette, No Twinkies please, we’re dying. It is from a San Francisco web page, affiliated with a Hearst newspaper. PG wonders if Pattie read it. There is a person who can appreciate when things did not look too good.

The feature starts out: “Surely you must see. Surely you must understand. Don’t you know rockets are falling all over Gaza and Israel? Do you not read that more than 100 people have died already in brutal and insidious fighting that’s been going on since God was knee-high to a bogus misconception? Jesus Christ, quit whining about Twinkies already. Stop anonymous commenting about your little pet peeve social issue tech glitch culture itch fashion bitch. You do not have it so bad. You have never, comparatively speaking and with the proper sort of lens in place, had it so bad.”

The feature should be read in full. It will not take that much time, if you focus on it and don’t take any facebook breaks. A commenter notes “You may have caught me off guard and wasted two minutes of my life with this crap but the joke is on you as it took what, an hour of yours to write this?”

Another commenter is nicknamed lurch 394. PG always felt a kinship to the harpsichord playing butler. “I could not help but notice that powers that be (PTB) has the same initials as Phineas Taylor Barnum. One is born every minute, indeed.” P.T Barnum was sort of a contemporary to W.R. Hearst. Neither thought the public was very bright.

Getting back to the twinkie column, there does seem to be a lack of appreciation for how good things are. This is partially human nature. Part of it is the Darwinistic nature of Capitalism. If you were happy with the widget you had, there would be no need to build an ultrawidget. If you were happy with the POTUS, there would be no need to spend billions of dollars trying to replace him. Some of that money does trickle down to working people, although it is hard to tell sometime.

As for twinkies, this is textbook economics. If Hostess cannot make a profit on their junk food, then they go out of business. It doesn’t matter if it is greedy bosses, nitwit moneylenders, or a clumsy union that did Hostess in. It is probably a combination of all those factors. When you factor in the fact that people are starting to read the label on the box, and wonder what those chemicals do to them, you might wonder why dingdongs lasted as long as they did.

Maybe PG could add a personal note of gratitude. This is being written in the backyard. The laptop has wireless access to the rest of the world. The table was thrown away by someone else, but works just fine. The water is in a plastic cup, washed and reused countless times. PG has made it to 58 years old, despite misadventures that should have killed him long ago. Ditto the mister adventures. His body stills works without crippling pain, most of the time. The snack is steamed collard stems. No one has tried to save PG today. Life is good. It will be better when the neighbor is finished leafblowing his yard.

The pictures today were taken at Oakland Cemetery. Being buried in a cool place is not a good substitute for being alive. As for the dogs, they do not want to be human.

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