Forty Nine Years Ago In Dallas

Posted in History, Politics by chamblee54 on November 26, 2012

PG stumbled onto a video sunday about the murder of President John Kennedy. The new take this video brings to the discussion is the idea that the gunman in front of the President was not on the grassy knoll. Instead, this person was in a storm sewer, below street level.

Thanksgiving was the forty ninth anniversary of the shooting. The conspiracy speculation seems to have gotten quieter. Maybe it is a generation thing, but people don’t seem as interested in the Kennedy killing as they once were. People of a certain age seem to be full of speculation about what happened that Friday afternoon. When PG decided to do this post, he made a list of points to bring up. Almost immediately, three pages of notes appeared.

In 1980, PG was on a Greyhound Bus for British Columbia. It had a layover in Dallas. PG went for a walk, and soon recognized the triple underpass, the grassy knoll, and the School Book Depository. This was sixteen years after coming home from church, and seeing Lee Oswald killed on television.

The top video embedded today proposes a collaboration between the CIA and the Mafia. Both organizations would have motives for wanting to see JFK killed. It must have been a rude shock to any conspirators to learn that Abraham Zapruder had made a film of the shooting. Mr. Zapruder is in the second video. This is a broadcast on local Dallas TV, the afternoon of the shooting.

The Zapruder film was not played for many years. The film was purchased by Time-Life publications. Still shots of the film were published, and the various investigations allowed to view it, but the film itself was not played, as a moving picture, for the public for many years. PG first saw it moving in 1982, as part of an HBO film about Nostradamus. When seen as a moving picture, it is more supporting of a second gunman than if it is seen as still pictures.

After the killing, the Warren Commission, headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, investigated the shooting. The Warren Commission reported that Lee Oswald, acting alone, killed the President. One member of the Warren Commission was Gerald Ford, who later became President without being elected. It should be noted that some people agree with the Warren Commission. One of the videos embedded here makes a semi-plausible case for the “Single Bullet Theory”. This video does not explain why the President was shot in front, by a gunman behind him.

Lee Oswald started work at the school book depository on October 16, 1963. The parade route went in front of the building. PG does not know if this is the normal route for parades in Dallas.

The FBI was probably keeping an eye on Mr. Oswald. He had a Soviet wife, and had tried to defect to the Soviet Union. It is possible that J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, knew what was going on, could have stopped it, but decided to let the killing go ahead and happen. The Hoover option is tough to prove, or disprove, and would explain a lot of other mysterious events. like Pearl Harbor and Nine Eleven. The government sees something about to happen, realizes there are benefits for certain players in that action taking place, and allows it to happen.

In addition to the CIA and organized crime, many other players had motives for wanting bad things to happent to John Kennedy. They include the FBI, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Hoffa, Fidel Castro, former Vietnamese dictators, jealous husbands, and enemies of Joe Kennedy, the President’s father. Since Jackie Kennedy was sitting next to him, and got her pink outfit dirty, she can probably be excused from suspicion. She had her own way of getting even with a skirt chasing husband.

In September of 1963, John Kennedy was scheduled to speak at Georgia Tech. For some reason, there was controversy. On August 16, 1963, the speech at Georgia Tech was cancelled.

In earcly November of 1963, the government of South Vietnam was deposed in a CIA assisted coup. There was talk of withdrawing the American advisors, and staying out of that war. It may be a coincidence, but the war was escalated under Lyndon Johnson. Millions of American soldiers saw duty in Vietnam, and fifty nine thousand died.

While trying to find out more about the Georgia Tech non appearance, this item was found. This incident was the week before the ill fated trip to Dallas. This was published in Time magazine, which later purchased the Zapruder film.
“Near week’s end, Kennedy flew into Manhattan, aged his Secret Service detail ten years by forgoing the usual motorcycle escort into the city. At one of ten midtown traffic lights that stopped the presidential limousine, an ambitious female camera bug rushed up and fired a flashbulb at Kennedy’s side of the car. Moaned a New York police official: “She might well have been an assassin.” (italics mine) As for the purpose of the President’s stop-and-go entrance into New York, the official explanation was that he wanted no “fuss and feathers.”
This is written like H. P. Lovecraft.
Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

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