Hindsight For The Blind

Posted in The Internet, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on December 4, 2012


There was a suggestion for a post, with the title “Daily Prompt: Hindsight”. The concept is “Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.” If you want to skp ahead and look at pictures, that is ok.

The first post was published on blogspot September 21, 2005. There are no pictures, or links, and the small print black font is used.

It had to happen sooner or later.
This is my first post to this blog.
Maybe I should start with a summary of my life . I am 51yo, 6’5″190# single white male residing just outside Chamblee GA.
50 hours ago, the owner of the company I was working for called me into the office, and said “I am gonna have to let you go, there is not enough work to keep you.”
I had been there 13 days.
I still don’t know which end is up.
More later..

Lets start with an update. Black fonts are obsolete. Text is just something to go between the pictures. Chamblee54 is on WordPress, and likely to stay for a while. Most posts are written in third person, with PG standing in for the literal author.

Having a blog gives you something to do with pictures. Taking pictures gives you an excuse to post. The two work together. The business of tweaking pictures has gone very nicely with the blog thing.

The unincorporated area of DeKalb county is about to become the City of Brookhaven. PG voted in the runoff election for Mayor this morning. Local politics are fun to write about. This has been an exhausting political year, and it is good to know that this is the last election.

The economy is horrible. The incident in this post is not the only time PG has been called into the office. One time, he got the ax over the phone, from a third party temp agency. The possibility of not having a job until social security kicks in is real. While PG is luckier than many, he still wishes it could be better. The good side is having more time to spend on the blog.

There was more later. The blog has evolved into what it is today. The present readers are appreciated, and maybe they will be joined by others. Writer’s tackle is reality.



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