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As you may have heard, there was a shooting in a Connecticut school Friday. Speculation about the cause has been rampant ever since. Some say we need more gun control. Some say we need more care for the mentally ill. Some say it is because of G-d, or lack thereof. This post is not going to pretend to know the truth. The purpose today is to report on some out of control internet chatter. Pictures are by Chamblee 54. This was written like James Joyce.
Facebook Fagans have been passing around a speech about the tragedy, supposedly written by Morgan Freeman. It blames the media for the shooting, instead of G-d or the NRA. Blaming the media is always a crowd pleaser. An outlet called examiner
“happened to stumble across the words of Morgan Freeman and his thoughts on the event on Friday as well as other mass shootings.” This is not the same as showing a source.
Another medium, the Inquisitr, has a story about the story, Morgan Freeman’s Newtown ‘Statement’ Almost Definitely A Hoax. The feature points out a few holes in the logic of the commentary. Even if the actor did say these things, why should we pay attention? Sounding good, while reading a script, does mean an entertainer is smarter than you.
The Inquisitr story has a screenshot, which may have the origin of the speech. It is one of those facebook things where the last names are blacked out.
UPDATE: In a Reddit thread about the Morgan Freeman Newtown shooting quote hoax, Redditor Quintilian751 claims that the attribution to Freeman began as a joke among friends about finding a way to make the remarks a man named Mark from Vancouver made after the Sandy Hook tragedy go viral on the internet. The commenter provides a screenshot of the original quote by the man, and subsequent joking about attributing it to “Morgan Freeman or Betty White.” While the screenshot is not definitive proof the quote stems from here, the timeline also precedes the quote’s popularity and may well be the source for the spurious remark.
It has been noted that the actor in these shootings is “almost always” a white male. Don’t worry about Seung-Hui Cho or Nidal Malik Hasan. (The shooters at Virginia Tech and Fort Hood.) The examiner truthseekers have a commentary about this, Connecticut shooting, white males, and mass murder. If you roll your mouse over the bottom of the page, you hear an ad for “Cuddl Duds”.

I want to say this next bit very carefully. It is absolutely true that white men have lost a lot of power in the last few decades. Inasmuch as these shooters are angry about feelings of powerlessness, their feelings are at least understandable. However, white men needed to lose a lot of power. Without exaggerating, one could say that a history of America is a history of white men lording power over… pretty much anyone who wasn’t a white man. If America was ever going to truly be a land of equality, white men needed to lose their power.
The thing is, losing power hurts. That’s the “aggrieve” part of aggrieved entitlement. It’s one thing for a bunch of white men to feel hurt because they are no longer the kings of their own private castles, rulers of all they survey. It’s another thing for them to feel like they’re entitled to power, and more importantly, entitled to punish others for taking it away. And that — aggrievement plus the feeling of entitlement — is what may well drive people like Adam Lanza to these horrific crimes.

Facebook is good every once in a while. A Georgia Pediatrician wrote this:

My heart goes out to the parents and families of those lost. Another sad day in America. As a pediatrician, I have experienced families losing their children to illness – an event that in most instances there is knowledge of the event going to happen. This is totally different. The shock is massive and devastating and we all need to hold them in our thoughts and prayers as they and their community go through this tragedy.
As to cause, I know there will be much speculation. The thought that first comes to me is the continual devaluation of life in our society – wars, gun-worship, not caring for those outside of “society”, allowing homelessness in our society, devaluing individuals because of their appearance or status, etc. But for this age person, the perpetrator – one major issue is the ever presence of one-shooter video games – our military’s major recruitment tool. We have allowed the depersonalization of killing. We have also allowed easy access to automatic weapons and large clip magazines for which there is no justification. Preventive health is not just vaccines. It is also creating an environment that is safe to the community as well as troubled individuals. We have much to do.









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