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Wonder is a great word, one vowel away from wander. The prescribed meaning for this feature is “rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience.” The word awesome is horribly over used. It’s popularity is a mystery, but there is no wonder there.

Today is December 25, which is celebrated as a holiday in America. It is celebrated on a specific day, like July 4, and not relegated to a convenient monday. It is odd that we are so specific about these holidays being featured on a specific day. The vote to declare independence was taken July 2. Jesus was probably born in Spring. Easter is a different day every year. Customs and traditions are not new to one’s experience. The definition of wonder tagged 3b is “a feeling of doubt or uncertainty”. Maybe this is where awesomely is used.

There has been wonder in PG’s life today. It was a no drive day, with a steady drizzle keeping the bicycle put away. PG was working on a picture, and listening to a short story. A man had the memory of William Shakespeare implanted in his mind. It was something that PG had never considered before, and probably would not want. In the story, the recipient of this memory freaked out, and gave it to someone else. The story expanded PG’s awareness of what was possible.There was wonder in that realization.

Later in the day, PG was editing pictures from The Library of Congress. Some of these pictures accompany this feature. The Windows Media Player facilitated a 1979 show by Tom Waits. There were stories told, and poems but to music. The man can do things with the English language that PG can only dream of. There was wonder at how this could be.







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