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There is a new blog, It will start out on WordPress, but may go somewhere else later. It is called Forty Four Words. The posts will have a limit of forty four words.

The word counting began with 22 words. 22W is still in delightful business, but they long ago gave up on the 22 word limit. PG thinks this is a shame. The 22 word limit forced you to think, to concentrate your thoughts into a tight format. The owner of 22W chose to run his blog differently.

The owner of 22W is Abraham Piper, the son of famous preacher John Piper. Many of the comment threads at the old 22W were about religion. One day PG tried to express his beliefs in 22 words.

PG decided that this label thing was not going to work. Labels belong on jars, and PG’s hair is a half inch over jarhead level. The best solution was to write a list of beliefs. The good news here is that numbers do not count against the total of 22 words. 1. My beliefs are my business. 2. Practice outweighs belief. 3. G-d probably exists. 4. G-d does not write books. 5. Jesus has nothing to do with Life after death.

This is 25 words. Three words need to go. Line 4 states that G-d does not write books. This implies that G-d does, indeed, exist. Line 3 can be eliminated, and the answer reduced to 22 words.

As you may have guessed, this post is not regulated by a forty four word limit. Chamblee 54 is not going anywhere, except maybe to a privately hosted domain. There are lots of issues that do not lend themselves to short posts.

PG has been entering the Trifecta writing challenge. Many of the posts here specify 33 words. PG wrote a few, and was impressed at how quickly such a post could be knocked out. You can express yourself very well in 33 words. There is a sense of poetry in short posts.

Forty Two years ago, a few hippies at Cross Keys High School decided that forty four was a magic number. It was the uniform number of Hank Aaron. Forty four is two times two times eleven. The second lowest even number, squared, multiplied by the lowest two digit prime number. Eleven is two ones, that add up to two. You can go on and on about this, probably for more than forty four words.

So the blog has joined the blogosphere, along with a few thousand more today. Very few of those will make more than ten posts. The hope is that Forty Four Words will hold up, and be a good compliment to Chamblee 54. The new template is going to take a bit of getting used to, and will only handle pictures 700 pixels wide. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.









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