S. Bear Bergman

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PG was tired of staying at home, and accepting almost any invitation that came his way. On the Sunday before the Stupor Bowl, there was an event on Covington Highway. (Spell check suggestion: Convincing) This meant getting on I285 , and dodging people in a hurry to get somewhere. After finding the site, and having the parking spot approved by the host, PG stepped onto the front porch. Sitting there, smoking a cigarette, was the entertainer of the night.

S. Bear Bergman told stories this evening. A person, wearing a shirt that said “No one knows I am transexual”, took money. PG was not into making conversation with people he did not know, and found a seat near the front. It wasn’t until the show started that he realized that a lamp on the table next to him was shining under the shade into his eyes. This was an issue throughout the evening.

The talent stood in front of the front door to the small house. This illustrated the first story. It was about airplanes, and a well dressed woman who thought sitting next to the talent created a risk of infection. The punch line of the story also serves as a book title, “The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You”. The book was available for sale, on the table with the oppressive lamp.

At some point in the presentation, it became known that S. Bear Bergman is a transperson. Wikipedia fills in a few blanks. “S. Bear Bergman (born September 22, 1974 as Sharon Jill Bergman) is a transgender author, poet, playwright, and theater artist. Bergman identifies as neither male nor female and prefers pronouns “ze” and “hir”.

The talent is sporting a luxurious goatee. Bear did not make PG wonder about gender. (This is one matter where PG is often not paying attention.) This video features a more ambiguous appearance.

Bear used the phrase Ze in his presentation, without explanation. Does Ze mean Bear, the husband, the son, or all three? Another mystery involves the son. The spouse is another transperson. Did spouse produce the baby? Did spouse have transitional surgery? It is not just nosy housewives at Starbucks who want to know.

Another story involved the wedding planning. Bear lives in Canada, with husband and son. One partner was Jewish. The family of the non Jewish partner had a lot of questions. It all turned out ok, except for someone’s Uncle setting a tablecloth on fire. By this time, anything that could not be explained was said to be “traditional”, including a tablecloth fire.

At one time in his dumpster diving past, PG found some 3d pictures of a Jewish wedding. To a recovering baptist, this was rather exotic. The process of 3d pictures never did catch on. PG was trying to remember the last time he saw those pictures, and what box they are in today.

After the intermission, Bear told a story about karma. Part of this tale is in this video. The two dogs, of the host, barked every time the house applauded. Fortunately, the karma did not run over the dogma.

The rest of the night went smoothly, and everyone found the nearest exit with no problem. PG took the surface roads home. There is an eatery in downtown Dickhater called “Pita Pit“. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.








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  1. deanabo said, on January 28, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    I really enjoy these old pictures!

  2. Twenty More Words « Chamblee54 said, on February 10, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    […] saw the absent housemate. who said “you didn’t like Bear Bergman’ sometimes you write stuff people take the wrong way spell check has limits comprehension check is […]

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