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There is a curious story today,Atlanta Hates Republicans: Political Correctness Bans Candy. It seems some members of Atlanta Young Republicans went to fire houses, giving candy to firemen for Valentine’s Day. It was intended as a gesture of appreciation, and was well received by some.

“That was, until, we were turned away because of political affiliation. Apparently one of the chiefs was concerned about accepting candy from a Republican group because they did not want to appear partisan. This prompted an email to a supervisor that resulted in a city-wide candy delivery shut down. I’m sorry, sir, but when did accepting candy from young professionals who wanted to solely express gratitude become a political statement? Would you have done the same thing from the Young Democrats? How about if we had been handing out steak dinners with baked potatoes and pecan pie? I’m calling you out, because I don’t think you would. It’s interesting that the further south we went into the city, the less receptive people became. (I thought liberals liked free stuff???) I could understand if we were bringing around voter registration information or pushing a certain candidate, asking for donations or had something to gain from our actions…but delivering candy? What the heck has the world come to?”

The part that gets the bells ringing here is
“It’s interesting that the further south we went into the city, the less receptive people became. (I thought liberals liked free stuff???) “. Is the candypasser trying to use code words here? Does “liberal” really mean “black”? Inquiring minds want to know.
The blog that tells this story is a grammar challenged facility The Perspicacious Conservative. The conservative movement seems to have degenerated to making jokes about anyone they consider “liberal”. Evidently, not being bought off with VD candy is a liberal trait.
HT to Peach Pundit. Pictures are from big government liberals The Library of Congress. The spell check suggestion for candypasser is canvasser. This is written like Raymond Chandler.








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  1. The Perspicaicous Conservati e said, on February 11, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    I could appreciate your comments, if they were true. It seems as if YOU are the one that made this was a race thing, not my blog. Not to mention that south Fulton is historically liberal.
    I appreciate the criticism, thigh. It means I’m doing something right.

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