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It has been two and a half weeks since this blog declared war on passive aggressive facebook graphics. This means most signs that tell you to repost this if you agree. The first six days saw one, two, three, four such posts. In the next eleven days, PG copied six offending signs. The trend shows no sign of slowing down, so there will probably be more of these posts.
There is a synchronicity of sorts in this collection. There is moms against guns, paired with a joke about a hitman. There is a fluffy piece about how people would rate you. Number four was about supporting a small business. This is a cause that gets lip service, until there is a chance to save money at Walmart.

The last two were about cancer.This is where it gets personal. PG lost both parents to cancer. While these graphics may bring hope and happiness to some, they bring pain to Brookhaven. And yes, the opinion at chamblee54 is a valid one. The feelings are just as real here as anywhere. You don’t want to be a buzzkill to the well meaning people, but sometimes you just wish they would shut up and go away.

People love to have influence over others. You are bombarded with messages, about what you should buy, how you should feel, how to be a better person, and what cause to support. It can be a drain on the soul. Some build up walls against the onslaught of messages. Some fight back, and get caught in a spiral of negativity. Others judge their neighbor on opinions, and shun those who do not measure up to a mysterious standard. Sometimes, you wish you had never learned how to read.

When the text was combined with the posters, the words only went as far as the fourth sign. The rest of the space will be filled in with random quotes.

‏ @aurosan Perez Hilton now has a child. Please respect my privacy at this time.
‏ @merseytart I was pro gay parenting. Then I discovered Perez Hilton had spawned
@FakeCommish I would rather be adopted by Hitler than Perez Hilton. Somebody go on a rescue mission.
@laurenpippa Perez Hilton is a dad. I am disgusted. No, not because he’s gay, but because he is a bully.

“Last, but not least, avoid cliches like the plague.” William Safire

Every situation is different. Without the specific circumstances of the event in question, it is tough to make a meaningful comment. Sometimes what you see as a stand based on principle is to someone else a selfish stunt.

He who does not understand your silence will never understand your words. -Elbert Hubbard

Other pictures are from The Library of Congress.







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    […] has been seven days since the last edition of the series tagged “repost this sign”. This is when someone puts up a visually […]

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