Yellow Rain

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Thursday was the annual yellow rain. The pollen was pouring out of the trees, and a storm rolled in from Alabama to wash it away. PG stayed inside, listening to podcasts while editing pictures from The Library of Congress. (This is the source of tonight’s pictures.) This usually lasts until he hears something that distracts him, and makes him want to hear more. Tonight, it was a chat with Charlotte Chandler.

The real name of Miss Chandler is Lyn Erhard. She writes celebrity biographies, mostly pulled from interview transcripts. Most of the subjects of these books are deceased by the time of publication. Some naysayers claim that these interviews are fictitious. The linked article refers to a book Miss Chandler wrote about Marlene Dietrich, who was notoriously reclusive in her latter years.

Some say that you should never let petty concerns about truth interfere with the enjoyment of a good story. People with this attitude should enjoy this file of Miss Chandler reading from her book about Marlene Dietrich. Allegedly, the chanteuse had a private meeting in the oval office with John Kennedy.

In the early seventies, a hotel opened in Colony Square called the Fairmount. There was a supper club there, where people would pay large sums to see live entertainment. Marlene Dietrich performed there. “I have never been so disappointed in my life. She did the same songs that she had done for the last forty years. At the end of the show, somebody had to help her step down from the stage.”

Maybe PG should have stuck with stories presented as fiction. With made up stories, you don’t have to worry if it is true, or not. Tonight’s entertainment featured a story, The Suicide Witch, on the Pseudopod podcast. The witch is a young lady, who is preparing a girl for a fake funeral. The plan is for her to join her bf after the psuedo burial. Sometimes things go according to plan.









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