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It should come as no surprise that people on the intercom are still being asked to repost graphics. The current crop is a mixed bag. There are things here which are definitely not recommended. As always, the offending suggestion to repost has been deleted, and these sanitized graphics are available for use. In the case of one, there was not much left after the repost request removal. There are better superstitions to display a belief in.

The top graphic is a traditional favorite of digital warriors. It is a call to test for drugs anyone who applies for welfare. In Florida, 98 percent pass the test. Contrary to what the sign says, many people feel that drug testing is not ok for job applicants. Drug testing condones the use of alcohol and tobacco, and is an additional expense for cash strapped states.

Motorcycle safety is the subject in graphic two. It is tough to argue with. All vehicles have a right to the road, and should be allowed to arrive alive. Arguments about loud pipes will be heard later.

The Holocaust is remembered in graphic three. This is included because of the general tackiness of repost requests, which might be disrespectful to the memory of six million people. The “final solution” is one of the darkest events in human history. There are better ways to remember it.

Number four and five are things which no sane person would do, or do do. One is a chain letter type request, asking you to repost the graphic “if you believe in G-d.” The visual quality of this image is a prayer request all by itself. The other is a request to send animal waste to a popular church in Topeka KS. The USPS is not the appropriate facility for this process. How would you feel if you magazine was shipped next to one of these fecal packages?

Blue eyes are highly valued in modern America. A graphic devoted to their praise is not going to hurt anyone. Some stories about Frank Sinatra may contradict this graphic.

The last graphic does not suggest a repost. It involves a reputed story about John Lennon. PG does not know if the story is true, but suspects it is not. The story involves John’s mother, Julia. It was a difficult childhood, with John raised primarily by his Aunt Mimi. If the story is not true, then it is  an insult to the memory of John Lennon. He deserves better.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. This is written like H. P. Lovecraft.







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  1. Gregory Rogalinski said, on April 22, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    Cover / Tribute
    Knights of Columbus Hall: Elvis Prince, The Blue Suede Shoes Band, Greg Rogalinski, 8:00p.m. April 27, 1800 S. 92nd St., West Allis, WI.

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