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Posted in Politics, Repost this sign, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on April 25, 2013

A tasteful facebook facility called Being Liberal recently posted a graphic about Muhammad Ali. The image has been liked by 17,056, and shared by 9,365. The text in the graphic says
“A reporter asked Muhammad Ali, “How do you feel about the suspected hijackers of 9/11 sharing your faith?” Ali answered, “How do you feel about Hitler sharing yours?”
There are so many ways to trash this. If a person burns to death on the 86th floor, do you need to say “suspected”? What if the reporter was Jewish? How do we know what religion Mr. Hitler was? Did this exchange ever happen?

Apparently, the former heavyweight champion was at ground zero September 20, 2001.
“Former heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali visited the ruins of the World Trade Center on Thursday. When reporters asked how he felt about the suspects sharing his Islamic faith, Ali said, “Religions all have different names, but they all contain the same truths,” adding, “I think the people of our religion should be tolerant and understand people believe different things.”
The facebook listing has this comment:
“It has been brought to our attention that this didn’t actually happen, but that doesn’t detract from the point of the statement. Many people share this sentiment, as reflected by the comments on this image.”
The home page of BL has a picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Under it is the motto:
“‘Being Liberal’ – What does it mean to YOU? Share with us! Wear proudly the “Liberal” label, as a badge of honor!” Judging from this graphic, being liberal means saying whatever feels good to say at the moment, without any regard for whether the platitude is the truth.
Snopes has a page debunking the ground zero quote. There is also another tall tale about Mr. Ali.
“Just before takeoff on an airplane flight, the stewardess reminded Ali to fasten his seat belt. “Superman don’t need no seat belt,” replied Ali. “Superman don’t need no airplane either,” retorted the stewardess.”
Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

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