101 Ways To Say Death Part Two

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In 2008, a blogger started a series, 101 Ways to Say “Died”. It focused on epitaphs from New England cemeteries. Most of the headstones used were carved before 1825. The series has gone past 101, and is up to 118 now. If you look at the site, you see links to the individual parts. That is the number before the epitaph. Some have been skipped. The VPI site has photographs of many of the headstones used here. HT to Twenty Two Words. Pictures by Chamblee54. Part one has been published.

31 Martha H. Locke Passed to the Summer Land Sept. 13, 1817 Et. 31 yrs —- is no death[?]

32By the Church of Christ in Chelmsford. In Testimony of their Esteem and Veneration this sepulchral Stone was erected, to stand as a sacred Memorial of their late worthy Pastor, the Reverend Ebenezer Bridge, who after having officiated among them, in the Service of the Sanctuary, for more than a year above half a Century, the Strength of Nature being exhausted sunk under the Burden of Age, and joined the Congregation of the Dead, Oct. 1 1792. Age, 78 yrs.

33In Memory of HULDAH Wife of STEPHEN TILTON, who exchanged Worlds, Augst 29th 1793; in the 26th year of her age. Also MARY, her Infant, who died Sept. 14th 1793, aged 8 Months. Ye Angels guard this sleeping Clay, Till comes the great decisive day; When in their SAVIOUR’S Image drest, They’ll wake to be completely blest.

34 Here darkness dwells — Fit contemplation for proud human thought. Under this mournful Stone lie the remains of ANNA, Wife of TIMOTHY PALMER who changed this mortal life for that of immortality on the 21st of JULY AD 1786. In the 32d Year of her age. O the soft commerce! O the tender ties, Close twisted with the Fibres of the Heart! Which broken, break them; and drain off the soul Of human joy; and make it pain to live — And is it then to live? When such Friends part, Tis the Survivor dies — my Heart! no more!

35 Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. MERCY TAPPAN the mournfull but resign’d relict of Mr. RICHARD TAPPAN who sleeps in dust beside her to Religion she was an ornament to the neglect of it a Reproof. After a long confinement by a languishing disease which yet could never draw her to a discontented moan nor quench the ardor of incessant prayer, Her SAVIOUR whisper’d rise and come away and at the welcome sound her longing spirit sprung with joyfull assurance from the eager arms of lov’d and loving friends to the far more lov’d and loving arms of her LORD On the 17th of May 1790 AEt 80.

38SACRED to the Memory of Mr. Ralph Cross Who served God & the Presbyterian Church as a ruling Eder in this town more than XI years being a faithfull reprover of vice both in public and private Finish’d a Life of Examplary Piety in a well Grounded hope of eternal glory Janr. the 4th 1788 in the 82nd year of his Age.

39 Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. MARY McHARD the virtuous & amiable Consort of CAPt. WILLIAM McHARD of NewburyPort who amidst the laudable exertions of a very useful & desireable Life in which her Christian Profession was well adorned and a fair copy of every social vir- tue displayed was in a state of health suddenly summoned to the Skies and snatched from ye eager embraces of her friends (and the throbbing hearts of her disconso- late family confessed their fairest prospects of sublunary bliss were in one moment dashed) by swal- lowing a pea at her own table, whence in a few hours she sweetly breathed her Soul away into her SAVIOUR’S arms on the 8th day of March A.D. 1780 AEtatis 47.

41 Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Ann Cumings Consort of the Revd. Henry Cumings Who quitted this Stage of Mortality and passed into the world of Spirits Jan 5, 1784 in ye 45th Year of her Age supported by lively Hopes of ent’ring into the Joys of her Lord. My flesh shall slumber in the ground Til the last trumpet’s joyful sound, Then burst the grave, with sweet surprize, And in my Saviour’s image rise. Cease then my friends to mourn, Bid earth adieu, Loosen from hence the grasp of fond desire, Weigh anchor and some happier clime explore.

42 Here lie interred Mrs. Lydia Beadle Age 32 Years Ansell Lothrop Elizabeth Lydia & Mary Beadle her Children: the eldest aged 11 and the youngest 6 years Who on the morning of the 11th day of Decr AD 1782 Fell by the hands of William Beadle an infatuated Man who closed the horrid sacrifice of his Wife & Children with his own destruction. Pale round their grassy tombs bedew’s with tears, Flit the thin forms of sorrow and of fears; Soft sighs responsive swell to plaintive chords, And Indignations half unsheath their swords.

43 In Memory of MARGARETT CUMINGS Consort to the Revd. HENRY CUMINGS who expired in the faith of Christ June 2d. 1790 In the 54th Year Of Her age This corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on immortality.

44 Here lies the Body of the amiable ELIZABETH Wife of Mr. STEPHEN PAINE and Daughter of NATHL. FEALS Esq. of Bristol who ended all her Cares in quiet Death January 17th A.D. 1777 In the 23d. Year of her Age.

45 In Memory of Miss AMEY SESSIONS, the amiable daughter of the Hon. Darius Sessions & Sarah his wife; who though suddenly called, met her dissolution with great composure, yeilding up her spirit into the hands of her Creator in full confidence of His power and mercy, on the 22d. day of Oct. 1829, in the 60th year of her age.

46 In this Silent Mansion are deposited the Remains of JEREMIAH KNOWLES Youngest Son of Edward and Molly Knowles, who clos’d this Earthly scene on the 22 of Jany, 1810, in the 35th Year of his Age. Such was the Virtuous Life, of this beloved Youth, that his final hour sweet peace and Heavenly hope, Devinely beam’d on his Exalted Soul. Could greatful love recall the fleeting breath, Or fond affection sooth relentless Death, Then had this stone never Claimed a tear, Nor read to thoughtless man a lesson here.

48 Here lies ye Body of Sarah Antram, Daughter of Major Thomas Fenner & Wife of William Antram; by whom he had 7 Children 4 of which surviv’d her, & rise up & bless her Memory. Proverbs, Chap. 31, Verse 23 28. She was a Careful Loving Mother; A Desirable Neighbour; And a Prudent Wife. She rested from ye Pains & Sorrows of this Life April 17th 1736, in ye 39th Year of her Age. He hath destroyed me on every side, & I am gone: & mine Hope hath he removed like a Tree. Job Chap 19, Verse 10.

49 IN MEMORY of Silvanus Son of Stephen Hopkins Esqr & Sarah his Wife, Was Cast away on Cape Breton Shore & inhumanly Murdered by Cruel Savages on the 23 of April 1753. aged 18 Years 5 Months and 23 Days. Think not by this, My Grave is Shown Hard Fate Decreed, I should have none.

50 Here lies Interred the Body of SAMUEL PACKARD Junr. Son of Capt. Samuel Packard, and Abigail his Wife: Suddenly snatch’d by the hand of his Heavenly Parent, from the evil of this transitory life, He on Feby. 25th A.D. 1799 entered the regions of immortal felicity, Aged 1 Year, 5 Months & 17 Days. Beneath a sleeping Infant lies, To earth his body’s lent; More glorious he’ll hereafter be, Though not more innocent. When the Arch-angel’s trumpet shall blow And souls to bodies Join, Millions will wish their lives below Had been as short as thine.

51 ALLEN WARDWELL son of Mr. Peleg Pitman & Mary his wife; who lost his life by a fall from a tree April 13th 1799, in the 11th Year of his age.
While on the tree The summons came And call’d me to my GOD.

52 In Memory of Mr. Obediah Brown Junr. who fell bravely fighting for the Liberties of his Country on Rhode-Island, Aug. 29th, 1778 in the 26th Year of his Age.

53 Sacred To the memory of Mr. SANDArS PITMAN Goldsmith, who finished a long and useful life on the 15th day of August, AD 1804 in the 74th year of his age. His works were useful standard weight & pure, But still his virtues were applauded more.

54 In Memory of Mr. EDWARD Son of Mr. EDWARD and Mrs. ELIZABETH ALLEN who by Missfortune was shot by a Negroe Soldier April the 10th 1781 in the 23d Year of his Age.








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