Kill Warren Hill

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The motto of the State of Georgia is Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation. Sometimes, what they practice is Wisdom, Justice, in Moderation. One of these times is the plan to poison Warren L. Hill, Jr.

The focus of the controversy this week is whether or not Mr. Hill is mentally retarded. This post is not going to focus on whether the IQ is 70 or 71. This post is going to deal with other issues. These issues are summarized by a comment made at Peach Pundit recently.

1- Does anyone know why the State is so hell bent on executing him? It seems like whenever the State wants to waste someone, they let nothing stand in their way. The money spent on lawyers, fighting for the blood lust of the State, could be better spent on a new football stadium. 2- Has the issue of where the State is going to get the drugs to waste Mr. Hill been resolved? The manufacturer of pentobarbital does not want their product used for executions. There has been talk of the State using a pharmacy to concoct a special order drug to kill Mr. Hill. If a private citizen did this, to have a party, he would be in trouble. If the State wants to do this, to kill a man, then apparently that is OK.

The poisoning of Warren Hill has been scheduled before. A few months ago, he was given a pre-execution ativan, and fed a final meal. Then the reprieve came, and he went back into waiting. When the State of Georgia decides to execute someone, they do not give up. They have spent thousands of dollars on lawyer work, fighting for their desire to execute a mentally challenged man. The State of Georgia is broke, They could spend that money better in many ways. Why is poisoning Warren Hill such a priority?

Mr. Hill is African American. So are many of the men on death row, many with worse crimes than Mr. Hill. The last man executed by Georgia was white. The state seems to execute a white man for every black man. While racial inequality can never be ruled out in Georgia, it is probably not a factor here.

Georgia uses a method of execution tastefully known as lethal injection. Currently, that means an intentional overdose of one substance. Before the supply expired, the state used pentobarbital. The manufacturer of this substance does not want it used for executions, and has taken steps to prevent this from happening. The state is going to have to be creative. Here is one possibility. “There has been some indication that some states may turn to compounding pharmacies to get pentobarbital. Such pharmacies custom-mix solutions, creams and other medications in doses or forms that generally aren’t commercially available.”

When the Supreme Court approved poisoning as a method of execution, it approved the “Kentucky Protocol”. This is a three drug “cocktail”. States have been recently going for the intentional overdose of pentobarbital, which, truth be told, may be more humane than the three drug cocktail. The problem is that the drug of choice is no longer available. Is using a mystery drug, from a secret source, really wise and just? Is Georgia Smart Enough To Kill People?

And it is a secret source. “The Georgia Legislature in March passed a bill that would make the identities of suppliers and makers of its lethal-injection drug a “state secret.” The bill, designed to shield companies from harassment from death-penalty opponents, was signed into law last month by GOP Gov. Nathan Deal. “

A branch of the federal government, the F.D.A.,is supposed to monitor the safety and efficiency of drugs. Does this apply when these drugs are used to intentionally kill? “The safety and efficacy of all drugs has to be approved by the FDA, but once pharmaceuticals are approved for any purpose, it is up to physicians to determine to whom and for what reasons they will prescribe them. … The FDA-approved uses for pentobarbital include short-term treatment for insomnia and seizure control for patients with epilepsy. … It is also not FDA-approved for use in executions or for the use of anesthesia, but it’s not clear the FDA believes that’s its business.”

Here is the original chamblee54 post on Warren Hill. Pictures are from Gwinnett County.





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