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PG has fewer facebook friends than he used to. This is not the same as having fewer friends in real life. The custom of referring to social media contacts as friends has always seemed a bit peculiar. When someone defriends you, presumably of your opinions (although you can never be sure of this), you have to wonder what the value of having that person as a friend was.

Most of the current umbrage taking appears to be about racism. Since no one seems to say anything directly, it is tough to know what the offending comment was. It is even tougher to see how either the comment, or the defriending, can have any impact on the oppression that people of color face in *2013*.

The most recent exchange went like this. “Does anyone else feel like a fat-positive clothing-optional pool party would be awesome? Or is it just me?” “In a “fat-positive clothing-optional pool party” there would be no judgement and shaming about bodies. This is a good idea. Maybe we could extend this acceptance of our neighbor to include attitudes about race.”

There is a difference between “attitudes about race” and racism. Just because a person does see things the same way as you, that does not make that person a racist. Nobody is saying that racism should be encouraged. It is just that people who are not as virulently anti racist as you should not be shamed for having a differing opinion.

One wonders what difference this is going to make in a struggle against oppression. Is defriending a person going to stop gun violence, or single parent households? Is going off on someone, about a facebook post, going to make New York terminate the stop and frisk program? Is a facebook status picture going to have any impact on economic opportunity? If you answer in the affirmative, please give details in the comments. Pictures from The Library of Congress.







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