What Did Dorothy Parker Say?

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It was 5:25 pm. PG had not heard from either person who was supposed to be at his house at 5:30. While muttering things about unreliable people, he started to look at a writing contest. The idea was to write 100 words or less. The challenge was to produce a “a quick, honest and heartfelt response” to an image. The meme is seen below the fold.

The image has a quote. “I hate writing. I love having written. Dorothy Parker.” When PG sees words of wisdom, with a famous name at the end, his impulse is to check it out. When you search the wikiquote page on Miss Parker, and look for hate, love, and writing, you will not see the quote. dorothy.parker-02

There was one item in wikiquotes that made PG laugh. It was in the “Misattributed” section.
“Upon my honor, I saw a Madonna. Standing in a niche, Over the door, Of the glamorous whore, Of a prominent son of a bitch.” Said to have been written in the guest-book of Hearst Castle, referring to the room occupied by Hearst’s mistress, Marion Davies. Parker always denied it, pointing out that she would never have rhymed “honor” with “Madonna”.”
When PG saw that quote, he knew that this piece would be longer than 100 words. Inserting quotes into a piece will bloat the word count every time. About this time the phone rang. His friends were in the front yard, being eaten by mosquitoes. PG put on a white shirt, and left.

Later that night, 99 sick well chosen words fell out of the fingers, and into the ether.

The quote is suspect. Wikiquotes does not show it, after a search for love, hate, and written. The image is probably manufactured. The image is a piece of paper, coming out of a vintage manual typewriter. The main text is one size. The author credit is another size. Vintage manual typewriters only produced one size of product. This one size is considerably smaller than either size in this image. The text in this image was produced elsewhere. This rendering of a bogus quote is then pasted onto a blank sheet of paper, seen merging from a vintage manual typewriter.

Pictures by Gwinnett County. The spell check suggestion for misattributed is redistribute.





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  4. Anonymous said, on May 6, 2020 at 11:36 am

    This is the version of the poem about Hearst Castle that I remember. It sounds more like Dorothy Parker than the one starting with Upon my honor.

    The virgin stood within a niche
    On the second floor
    In the room of the whore
    Of the nations biggest son of a bitch.

    To me, it sounds like Dorothy Parker. The other version does not. The story that I heard associated with the poem was that Dorothy Parker wrote it after a visit to Hearst Castle and that Hearst banned her writings from his news papers when he found out about it.

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