Celebrity Similarity Test

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The Celebrity Similarity Test is a gimmick concocted by Dr. Dustin Wood at Wake Forest University. The idea is you answer a few questions, and they tell you what celebrity you act like. “Participants may find some questions to be of a sensitive nature; otherwise there are no known risks associated with this study beyond those that exist in every day life.”

The first question is a series of character traits. People are asked to rate these from 1-7, with 1 = EXTREMELY Undesirable, 4 = Neutral, 7 = EXTREMELY Desirable. This is the type of question with results easy to tabulate. Some of the traits are enthusiastic, excited, kind-hearted, caring, calm, relaxed, intelligent, smart, outgoing, sociable, confident, self-assured. Before long, you will be asked to rate, on the seven point scale, “How much do the following terms describe you?”

The seven point treatment is then given statements like I am satisfied with my life, So far I have gotten the important things I want in life, If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing. The demographic part of the study begins with “Did you answer truthfully on all these questions? Yes – No.” It then moves on to the traditional age, education, and income variables.

PG does not see a lot of television, so he is not surprised not to know who Allison (The Basketcase) is. This is the celebrity PG matches most closely. Of the five most similar, and the five least similar, the only one PG knows is 3rd least similar Madge Simpson. The other four most similar are Meg Griffin, Severus Snape, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Brian (The Brain). Threeclassic characters that PG resembles are Lucy Ricardo, Darrin Stephens, and Gilligan.







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