Meme Abuse

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Last Sunday, PG had his peace of mind torpedoed by a tacky graphic on facebook. Some would say to just ignore it. While this is a good course of action sometimes, it will leave you unable to appreciate the good messages that are broadcast. It can be tough to tell the difference between the good, and the bad. This post is a proposal for responsibility on the part of the meme monger.

This comment was made:
” I respectfully suggest you read the book or at least a precis before you opine on this issue Luther. You do not know the facts and your ignorance of them is painful to me.” Maybe the person who posted the graphic is the guilty party. When you post something, you should be prepared to back up your statements. You should supply easy to navigate links, to show people where you get your information. The messenger should do a bit of heavy lifting. It is the responsibility of the meme monger to back up the claims that are made.
If someone challenges what you say, they are taking you seriously. This is a compliment, whether you realize it or not. When someone asks for a link, this means that they want some evidence that the statement presented is, in fact, the truth. It is easy to say, oh that’s just so and so talking. When you ask for evidence, it means you are paying attention. (A side note: If you are going to insult someone, do not start your statement by saying “I respectfully suggest”.)

The proliferation of memes is a problem. There are so many graphics with a message, and it is so easy to share. Thought is not required. The deplorable graphic quality of many memes is another issue. This post is about the message, not the medium. Pictures for today’s graphic extravaganza are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.









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