Social Attitude Test

Posted in The Internet, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on August 28, 2013

PG took the Social Attitude Test. It is 46 statements, with a five point scale that goes from disagree strongly to agree strongly. This type of question makes the data crunching much easier. The SAT is better designed than what you might find at Quizilla.

Starting with number 44, here are the last three statements. 44) Eugenics is tantamount to Nazism, and both ideologies are severely flawed. 45) People should always be willing to seriously question what they believe. 46) If people weren’t so mushy and sentimental, they’d see things more clearly.

Here is the results. Political Values Radicalism 72 Socialism 31.25 Tenderness 31.25 These scores indicate that you are a tough-minded moderate progressive; this is the political profile one might associate with a liberated atheist. It appears that you are cynical towards religion, and have a suspicious and unsympathetic attitude towards humanity in general. Your attitudes towards economics appear capitalist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as libertarian. To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, an idealist with very few strong opinions.

This concludes our analysis; we hope you found your results accurate, useful, and interesting. Unlike many other political tests found on the Internet which base themselves on untested (and usually ideologically motivated) ideas, this inventory is adapted from Hans Eysenck’s own political inventory which was developed after extensive empirical investigations in the 20th Century. Pictures for this waste of bandwidth are from The Library of Congress.

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