America Stay Out Of Syria

Posted in Politics, War by chamblee54 on August 31, 2013








Ten and a half years ago, America was about to go to war. Congress had passed the fig leaf authorization. The troops were waiting nearby. Babylon was fixin’ to experience shock and awe.

PG did not think it was a very good idea, and wrote his representatives in Washington to tell them about it. While he did not think it would stop the invasion, it is good to be on the record as being opposed.

On this Labor Day weekend, we are looking at another war. While ground troops are not discussed… yet … the world is expecting us to kill some Arabs. This time, instead of useless letters to useless politicians, PG is going to write a blog post. It might not stop anything, but it is an effort.

The two Senators from Georgia are Republican idiots. PG is not sure who his congressman is. It is either Hank Johnson or Tom Price. The best thing that can be said is that neither is Cynthia McKinney. A copy of this post might go to the four gentleman anyway.

The best case scenario is for America to send in a few high tech missiles, kill a few Arabs, and let the Civil War go on as before. There is little way to know whether it is good guys, or bad guys, that we would be killing. Is anyone fighting in Syria a good guy? Kill them all, let Allah sort them out.

The worst case scenario is too horrible to consider. Nuclear armed Israel is next door, and enjoys killing Arabs. Nuclear armed Russia supports Syria, and enjoys killing just about anyone. The OPEC nations are nearby, and looking for an excuse to jack up the prices. There are so many ways for this to get out of control, and so many who want more chaos.

Maybe, just maybe, this is a time for America to sit one out. Let Israel take care of herself. Why is using chemical weapons so much worse than depleted uranium shells? How is what Syria does worse that what Israel did in Gaza? What about the reports that it was the Syrian rebels who were using chemical weapons? How will we know we are killing the correct people? The time to think about these things is before America starts to kill women and children.

Pictures for today’s entertainment were taken at the 2011 Dragon Con parade. PG was horrified by the overcrowding at the 2011 event, and chose to not attend this year. The costumes are probably very similar to what was on display today. Very few of the playtime soldiers at this parade will participate in any military action in Syria.







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