Sandy Springs Festival 2013

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It was the third weekend of September, which is time for the Sandy Springs Festival. PG threw fiscal caution to the wind and indulged in the five dollar admission fee. Uzi pointed out that, present company excepted, this fee keeps the riff raff out. PG was a good sport about it all, especially after a convenient parking spot appeared.

At first it was thought that dogs were not admitted to the festival. It turns out they were, and PG was in full puppyrazzi mode. The freebies were not as plentiful as in years past. Perhaps this was because the police had a new squad car. But this new vehicle was seized from a local drug dealer. PG thought this was rather distasteful. It probably is not connected to the lack of freebies.

One booth was occupied by a mayoral candidate named Rusty Paul. He is not related to Ron or Rand. Nor has he given permission to anyone altering his signs to say Ru Paul. When asked if he would accept support from Ru Paul, the candidate noted that the entertainer does not live in Sandy Springs.

Earlier that afternoon, something remarkable happened to PG. A friend posted a story about the effects of depleted uranium shells in Afghanistan. The story (the link here is to a similar story) had horrifying pictures of deformed children. PG noted the nastiness of depleted uranium, but questioned the authenticity of the pictures. The friend took down the post, and promised to be more careful in the future. PG did not get defriended, as usually is the case when calling BS on facebook.

PG and Uzi were through touring the festival at four twenty. It was too early to go to dinner. They went to the amphitheater, and listened to the band. Uzi insisted on finding a shady spot to sit down, and commented about how much he appreciated the shade. A few seconds after Uzi said this, the singer for the band said “I see all of you sitting in the shade. I guess you don’t want to get a suntan.” It is true that PG is concerned about his neck getting any redder.

A few more dogs went before the camera. PG noticed that the battery was running down. The last two Sunday afternoons, this has happened. Today, PG brought a backup battery.

After the band finished playing, PG and Uzi went to dinner, accompanied by a third party who showed up during the band performance. When PG got to Uzi’s vehicle after dinner, there was a flyer in the passenger door, asking “am I going to heaven”. When PG got to his car two blocks away, there was a similar message, this time in the driver’s door.







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  1. Aion said, on September 22, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Doggies make me happy.

    When I went back home to see my mother for the last time (she had a second round of breast cancer, this time untreatable) back in 2009, I woke-up in the middle of the night on the couch in her apartment, after dreaming about the three German Sheppards we had when I was 11. I heard my mom stirring in her room, and went to check on her.

    “You’re awake” she said, “I was dreaming”. “I was too !” I said “And you’ll NEVER guess what I was dreaming about !”

    “Doggies !” she said, with a tone of finality and absolute certainty. “I was dreaming about them, too”…

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