Too Much Money

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PG found Too Much Money, by Dominick Dunne, at the Chamblee library. It has many of the characters from People Like Us. This was the first novel by Mr. Dunne that PG read, and the twenty year old memory only worked in fits and spells. Just like the people who populate these stories.

Towards the end of TMM, Gus Bailey-Dominick Dunne learns that he has cancer. This sent Mr. Dunne off to another world in 2009. TMM was in an editing stage when Mr. Dunne quit working on it. It is not nearly as polished as the other novels by Mr. Dunne. This doesn’t stop the book from being fun, but one wonders if it might have been a bit better with more work.

The story is set in New York. The players are the very wealthy, and those who cater to them. Many of these people with too much money have very little class. This is always reassuring to the peasants who read these tawdry tales. As always with Mr. Dunne, you can guess what famous person is represented by what cad in this story. Perhaps the initials of the book should be TMI instead of TMM.

One theme of this story is a lawsuit against the author. It seems like the author said something about a notorious congressman that was not true. If only the author had waited a week or two. The notorious congressman was a big story on September 10, 2001. The next day, the congressman was forgotten.

There is a sentence on page 246. It tells a bit about the story, and shows the value of using a comma. The wealthy lady was telling the story of how her walker decided to become an undertaker. “When he was thirteen years old, he waited five hours in line outside the Grant P. Trumbull Funeral Home to see Judy Garland, who had overdosed, in her casket.”

An amazon one star reviewer says “I am so disappointed in this book I have loved Mr Dunne’s work for years but this book has so many sex scenes that it is disgusting and not what I expected!!” Actually, the sex scenes are some of the best ones in TMM. Perhaps they had priority editing, before the grim reaper came to call. There is a scene where the Baroness, known to many as Uncle Charley, seduces the wife of the convict billionaire. It makes you wonder how Mr. Dunne knew so much about such things.

This is not a book to spend money on, unless you just enjoy throwing dollars around. If the local library has a copy, then it is worth your time. You might not respect yourself later, but you will have a good time. Pictures today are from Gwinnett County.







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